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QBO Payroll PTO (or Vacation) Accrual Setup

Using the new QBO payroll (Core), I have a client that allows 40hrs PTO twice a year... Jan 1 and Jul 1.  If you don't use the 40 hours, you lose it.  So max is 40.  How can this be handled in payroll pay-type setup, or can it?


We were going to put 80 hours in for accrual for the year (1.5385 per weekly paycheck) and set the limit to 40 hours, but the system won't let us.  Also guess we could put 40/40 in and change the Current balance, but that necessitates keeping track of PTO outside of QBO.  We are only talking a few employees here.  Suggestions? 

(I know, get them to change the policy :-) )

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QuickBooks Team

QBO Payroll PTO (or Vacation) Accrual Setup

I'll help you set up your vacation pay, DRAccounting.


Before we proceed, please note that QuickBooks Online only allows you to set up 80 hours as a yearly limit for vacation pay.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Payroll menu. 
  2. Select Employees.
  3. Find the name of your employees, then click to open.
  4.  On the How much do you pay [employee name]? click the pencil icon.
  5. Select Vacation Pay.
  6. Click the drop-down menu and then select 80 hours/year(accrued start of year).


Additionally, I've added our Year End guide for reference. This article contains information that'll help you complete year-end tasks and end the year smoothly.


For other payroll concerns, I encourage sharing your concern with us.

Level 3

QBO Payroll PTO (or Vacation) Accrual Setup

No offense, but that specifically did not answer my question.  

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