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Quickbooks Desktop Payroll

I am looking to purchase a time tracking system that I can import into QB to speed up my payroll process.  Can anyone make any suggestions of a good system, as well as explain how the time tracking data gets imported into QB for processing?  I currently process payroll for 20 employees.

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Quickbooks Desktop Payroll

Hello @TiredofTimecards,


Let me help share insights about the different time tracking features you can use with QuickBooks.


To start with, you can use the in-product feature to track the time entry of your employees. Let me show you how:

  1. Go to Edit.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Time & Expenses.
  4. Under Company Preferences, select Yes for the Do you track time? section.
  5. Choose an appropriate start day of the week for your employee's time tracking.
  6. Click OK twice.

Learn more about time tracking with this article: You can easily set up time tracking features in QuickBooks Desktop.


Meanwhile, TSheets integrates well with QuickBooks and lets you enter time tracking and scheduling for hourly employees. You can sync it directly from the Apps menu. You can check this link to learn more about how TSheets works:!overview.


Additionally, you can also start looking for other third-party apps that let your employees enter time in QBDT. Navigate to the Apps menu and browse for an app that works best for you.


Lastly, let me also share with you this article that you can use for future reference in payroll preparations for your employees: Get started with Payroll.


You can always post a reply in this thread if you have other concerns. I’ll be around to assist you. Stay safe!

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Quickbooks Desktop Payroll



Thank you for your very detailed reply.  I am looking for a time punch alternative that quickly imports into QB.  I don't want a dedicated computer for time tracking, and my employees do not all have dedicated work smartphones to use an app feature.  TSheets looks like it is a very expensive alternative on a yearly basis.


Do you have any experience with specific third party time tracking systems?  I was hoping for some systems to check out to see if they would work for us here.


Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Desktop Payroll

Hi there, @TiredofTimecards.



Yes, we have multiple third-party apps that you can look into. Each app has its overview which you can also read through other customer's reviews on how it helped them. It will also depend on your business preference. 


Visit our Apps for QuickBooks Desktop. In the search field, as suggested by my colleagues, you can type a code name for example form filer or filer. Click on the View Profile link. Then, click the Reviews tab to see comments and suggestions from other customers. You can also check the Compare box from the results list and click the Compare button at the top.


 I'll be around if you need anything else. Thanks!

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Quickbooks Desktop Payroll

Hi MaryAnn_E,


I appreciate your reply.  Before I start searching the Apps, I am curious what device the employees "clock in and out" of?  They will not have access to a computer, laptop, ios or android device, as I think I mentioned.  I have started researching timeclocks that have a software to upload punched time data into, that then gets imported to QB.  Does anyone have experience in this area?



Quickbooks Desktop Payroll

I appreciate you coming back with further clarifications on what you are trying to achieve, TiredofTimecards


We're unable to provide a specific product recommendation. However, you can visit our QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace for a list of available third-party applications that allows you to upload punched time data and is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop.


Please know that you can always get back to us if you have any additional questions. I'll be right here to help.

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