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QuickBooks Workforce

This is more of a comment than a question. After QuickBooks payroll service was not working today and then came back up at 5pm CST, I finished running my payroll. I had one of the employees checking to see if she got her email notification and she finally did, but the email was different than usual and referenced the new QuickBooks Workforce. My issue is, I never received one notice that this was going to change, so I couldn't give any kind of warning to the employees that they would see a change  or what kind of log in information to use or anything. Some kind of email notification would have been nice! I searched back through all of my QuickBooks notices and didn't find anything regarding a switch. I had to Google it. That was quite disappointing and caused me to look very unprofessional for not being aware of something I should probably have known about. We figured it out on our own, but I wanted you to know about it.

QuickBooks Team

Re: QuickBooks Workforce

Hi there, @JTrent.


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.


Intuit aims to provide our customers with the best experience by investing in technologies and resources to help make your work easier now that we're heading the tax season. We recently rolled out the updates about the migration of ViewMyPaycheck (VMP) into QuickBooks Workforce.


Since you're not able to receive it, we need to verify your email set up and start checking the spam/junk folders. You can also use the search option and examine all your folders for the email address “”.


If you need more steps to try, you can check the link below. It outlines the steps you have to perform according to your email provider.


How to make sure you receive important email messages from Intuit.


Keep me posted about this or if there's anything else I can help you with. I'd be happy to offer further assistance. Have a good one.

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Re: QuickBooks Workforce

One of my employees isn’t able to register her account because her last net pay was $0, & it won’t accept that as an amount? 


Re: QuickBooks Workforce

Let's get your employee signed up in ViewMyPaycheck, 317lanie.


In the Sign Up page (see the screenshot below), let your employee enter the SSN and complete net pay as $0.00


If it won't accept the amount, please try creating a new dummy paycheck. After the employee has completed the setting up the account, please don't forget to delete the paycheck.


I've got here an article you can send to your employee for a reference: QuickBooks Workforce (formerly ViewMyPaycheck): Online Payroll FAQs.


Don't hesitate to post any questions. 

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Re: QuickBooks Workforce

I have another question/comment about the new Workforce paycheck viewing. I have gotten a question about some of the information the employees can see when they log in. It looks as though they see a percentage chart, similar to that of the main QuickBooks dashboard where it shows a percentage of expenses, etc. Only on their screen it pertains to their year-to-date payroll information. The issue is that it shows the following:

The employees are concerned that tax is not being withheld, but it is. I think perhaps this is meant to show the gross maybe instead of the net, or maybe in addition to the net? I'm not sure. I would like to know what to tell them. Any information you could provide would be great!


Thank you!

Jamie Trent

QuickBooks Team

Re: QuickBooks Workforce

I'm glad you reached out to us today, JTrent.


I have just the clarification you're looking for regarding the Year to date payroll information your employees are seeing.


You've actually got it right! The Year to date section on the QuickBooks Workforce dashboard shows the employee's Gross Pay, Net Pay, Taxes Withheld, and Other Deductions. For more information about this, check out this article: QuickBooks Workforce (formerly ViewMyPaycheck): Online Payroll FAQs


That should get you going in the right direction. Please feel free to get in touch with me here for any additional questions about this, I always have your back. Thanks for dropping in and have a wonderful day.

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Re: QuickBooks Workforce

Thank you for answering, but it doesn't really resolve the issue we are having. Under the area that is supposed to say Gross pay, Net pay, Tax Deductions, Other deductions, it has Gross pay and Net pay as the same amount and tax deductions and other deductions as zero. In the example in the link that you sent me, it has the correct breakdown, but my employees are not seeing the correct breakdown. Again the snapshot from one of my employees:

The 6048.89 is her gross pay, not her net pay. This is pulled right out of workforce just a few minutes ago. It's not applying any of the deductions into this little chart.

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Re: QuickBooks Workforce

I am the Payroll Admin and I too was a bit taken back when I had angry employees calling me to tell me they should of been told in advance and all the while I was wondering what they were talking about. For people who administer programs, being informed of change before it happens is critical. Anyway, we use the View my paycheck flyer as part of our on boarding , I cannot find one for Workforce.  A: do new employees still need to register to View my paycheck and then get rolled over ?  B: when I go tot he workforce log in I do not see " new user register"  option C: or is there a flyer coming? or do I make my own?  Thank you


Re: QuickBooks Workforce

I'll surely take note of your feedback, @Kat_Florida.


We don't want you to feel this way and this isn't the type of service we want you to experience. I personally want to address all your concerns with using ViewMyPaychecks.


To start with, you'll receive an email notifying you the new updates have been rolled out in QuickBooks Online. Thus, you'll receive an email with an email address telling you the new updates.


To make sure you won't miss the new updates, you can check out this article for your reference: Make Sure You Receive Important Email Messages From Intuit.


Secondly, new employees must have their own login credentials so they can access their paycheck on ViewMyPaychecks. With this, here's how you can invite your employee:

  1. Go to Workers.
  2. Select Employees.
  3. Click Add an employee.
  4. Under Personal info, enter your employee email address.
  5. Select Invite this employee to view their pay stubs and W-2s online.
  6. Click Done.

Once done, your employee will receive an email telling them to sign up in ViewMyPaychecks and their email address will be their own user ID's. Also, I'll be including our detailed guide in using ViewMyPaychecks.


Lastly, customizing your own flyers lets you create it's unique identity when giving it to your employees while on boarding them in your company.


Please let me know in the comment section down below if you have any other questions. It'll always be my pleasure to lend a helping hand.

Level 1

Re: QuickBooks Workforce

I have this same issue as the Payroll Admin, I have been handing out the View My Paycheck flyer to new hires or anyone who needs it. I had no idea you were transitioning to a new paystub/W2 platform until an employee told me they couldn't find their PTO in the new program.

This really is something you should have be SUPER clear on letting payroll customers know about ahead of time so we don't look like we have no idea what's going on with our payroll service.

Where do I get a Workforce flyer similar to the VMP one I was given when we implemented that?

QuickBooks Team

Re: QuickBooks Workforce

Hello there, @KimberlyHR209,


Let me route you to the right support team who can provide you QuickBooks Workforce flyers.


I suggest chatting with our QB Workforce team to see if they can provide you the flyers to the VMP one. You can chat them through this Then, click the Live Chat link.


Let me know how the chat goes by leaving a comment below. Your feedback will help others who also need the flyers needed for your employees.

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