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A created rule is creating duplicated entries over and over again

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A created rule is creating duplicated entries over and over again

Hey there @csm04lsr-gmail-c, thanks for reaching out to the Community! I am happy to take a look at why these transactions might be duplicating for you.


Rules can be great for making your work more intuitive. You can create rules that automatically categorize transactions for you. The more QuickBooks uses your bank rules, the better it gets at categorizing. After a while, it can even scan transactions and add details like payees.  

 However, sometimes rules can overlap, and create more than one categorization for a transaction, causing it to duplicate. 


If you feel as though your rules are creating duplicate transactions, I would recommend deleting your rules and re-adding them one at a time.


Here’s how to remove the rule that you’ve created:


  1. Go to your Banking menu.
  2. Click the Rules tab.
  3. Look for the rule and under the Action column, click the down arrow beside Edit.
  4. Select Delete and Yes to confirm. 

This article details how to add bank rules, if you need it!


To exclude the duplicates that were previously added, follow the steps below.


  1. Go to Banking.
  2. In the Reviewed tab, find the duplicate deposits.
  3. Click Undo in the Action Column.

Let me know if re-adding your rules resolves the issue. If not, we can work together to see what else may be the culprit.  Take care.

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