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Error code when reactivating inactive employee

Is anyone else getting an error message when trying to re-activate an inactive employee using Intuit Full Service Payroll with QBO? I get a message that says "Oops we hit a snag. try logging out and logging back in.  Error code 1565-6991-01799-fci_i." Of course I tried that immediately but was unable to get past the error code. I contacted Intuit Full Service Payroll, was on the phone for five hours, was promised a call back within two weeks (TWO WEEKS!!!).  It has now been 18 days and I have not had a call back.  In several calls I made proactively I was told variously: this is a back end problem, engineers are working on it, other customers are having the same problem, it seems to be related to a corruption during migration from QB Desktop to QB Online, etc. ad nauseum.  Meanwhile, I have a new employee who needs to be paid today and I have been told to give the employee a manual check (using paycheck city dot com to calculate the net pay) and that they (Intuit) will pay the withholding taxes "when the problem is resolved."

Wondering if other Intuit Full Service Payroll users are having this problem?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Error code when reactivating inactive employee

Yes, some Full-Service Payroll users are reporting this error, smrco32.

I want to assure you that our engineers are working on it. They will send you an email as soon as they fix this.

Putting myself in your situation, I would also feel the same way you do. A promised callback is very important, and it’s a big deal for us in Intuit. I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback to the concerned department. In that way, we can create more ways to improve your customer service experience in the future.

If there's anything that I can help, feel free to send a short reply below.

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Re: Error code when reactivating inactive employee

In 25 years of processing payroll, I have never had a problem as serious as this.  Not once.  The appearance of indifference and lack of transparency from the Intuit Full Service Payroll team (and QBOA team) has been shocking. The best advice they could give me was to tell me to process my checks manually using some random website to determine withholdings. 


I request two things:


1. An honest estimate of how long it will take to resolve the problem.

2. That Intuit FSP  calculate the withholding amounts for me so that YOU take responsibility for ensuring that the amounts are correct when the time comes to make the tax payments.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Error code when reactivating inactive employee

Good day @smrco32,


Let me join in this conversation and share my thoughts about this error message.


As @JessT stated above, we currently have an open investigation about the error message you mentioned. This isn't the type of experience that we want any of our customers to have, that's why our engineers are working to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.


The people working on this investigation haven't posted any estimated time when it will be completed. If you've already contacted our Technical Support team earlier though, then that means you've already been added to the list of our affected users. This means that you'll receive a notification email as soon as there's an update available for this issue.


Rest assured, it will be our Full Service Payroll team that will process your payroll once this error is fixed. I believe the website provided to you was the paycheck calculator. This is in case you'd like to manually pay your employees while waiting for the fix to be deployed.


I'll be around should you have other questions. Leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to you.

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