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fixing medicare discrepancy in manual payroll

Hi I am using QB Pro desktop I just started creating W2 for my employees who are family members.  I noticed that when using Tax1099 software to calculate my information that there is a discrepancy in the employees medicare wages, we are off .13 cents on one and .24 in another and I have another one to fill out.  How do I fix this in QB so that they both match up?


Also, a daughter who is getting paid but under the age of 18 and doesn't have any deductions will she get a W2?  I noticed that QB and my 941 don't agree on the medicare deductions every quarter.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?  Just post to an expense account in the payroll setup?

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fixing medicare discrepancy in manual payroll

Hello compjones,


We can fix the Medicare discrepancy by creating payroll liability adjustment. This will help adjust the tax liabilities for your employees to have a correct Year-to-Date payroll details.


Please check out this article for the steps: Adjust Payroll Liabilities.


With regards to filing W-2 form for your daughter who is not yet in the legal age, it'd be best to ask some pieces of advice from your accountant. Each state has different filing requirements. Therefore, she may be required to file in your resident state.


For your medicare deductions on your 941, you can try to run the Payroll Detail report to see if there's a transaction that's causing the discrepancy.


Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! 

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