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How do I access Form 940 from years past?

I don't show any of the forms in my archived forms. I only have access to this year and last years forms.
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How do I access Form 940 from years past?

You've come to the right place to get help with your 940 form concern, @info1428.


As long as your 940 forms were archived, you can access them in QuickBooks Online. Just make sure to select the correct filter to locate them right away. Please see the screenshot below as your guide:


If you don't see them, you can try performing the said task using a private browser. QuickBooks Online (QBO) uses cache to load and access pages more quickly. However, too much of them can cause unusual QBO responses. 


An incognito session doesn't save the files and history of the pages you visit. Hence, a good place to isolate unexpected QBO behavior. Here are the shortcut keys you can use to access one:


  • Ctrl+ Shift + N for Google Chrome A63.PNG .
  • Ctrl + Shift + P for Mozilla Firefox A64.PNG and Microsoft Edge A65.PNG .
  • Command + Shift + N for Safari A66.PNG .

Once you're in, please access your 940 forms again as you normally would. 


If you're able to locate them, you can go back to your original browser and clear its cache. This helps refresh the system and restore its default state.


Alternatively, you can use another browser to get the best and most secure experience with the program.


Aside from viewing your 940 forms, you're also able to print them. This way, you can keep a copy for future reference. Please head to this article for more insights: Print archived forms.


The good thing is, you can run the available payroll-related reports. To accomplish this, you can navigate through the Payroll section in the Reports menu.


I'll be more than willing to help you with more payroll form concerns you may have. Feel free to add your reply below and I'll get back to you as fast as I can.

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