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how to enter payroll for employees

I have two employees who i pay by the hour. each week the number of hours vary. They are paid in cash directly however i would like to set up a payroll where i can track their payroll and also have the payments reflected on the company accounts. How can i achieve this? Cheers Hayden please note that i am outside the USA

Re: how to enter payroll for employees

It's good to see you here in the Community, haydenbishop,


Let me help share information about how to run payroll in QuickBooks.


For customers outside of the USA, the payroll feature for QuickBooks Desktop is only available in the Canada and United Kingdom regions. However, if  you're using QuickBooks Online, then you can subscribe the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia regions.


To help you decide which best suite your needs, you can read below articles for guidelines:

For future help, you can always visit our Community page for the "How Do I" steps:

Moreover, if you choose not to subscribe to any Intuit Payroll service in QuickBooks Desktop, you can easily set it up within the program. Here's a great resource for more information: Set up payroll without a subscription.


If I can be of further assistance, feel free to reach back out by clicking the Reply button.

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Re: how to enter payroll for employees

Especially since you only have 2 employees follow the Setup payroll without a subscription - as highlighted near the end of the rep's post. Your country will have an employer publication with tax tables and rules on making tax deposits.


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Re: how to enter payroll for employees

I tried to follow the steps for " Setup payroll without a subscription" However i am unable to see any of these options. I believe my current subscription is set to "Trinidad and Tobago " thus when i click the employees tab all i am seeing is the option to enter the employee information and nothing more.
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Re: how to enter payroll for employees

Hello again, @haydenbishop.


Just to clarify, are you using QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Desktop (QBDT)? The reason for asking is because the instructions contained in the article are for QBDT and it sounds like you're using QBO. 


Additionally, I'm including an article which provides information on recording payroll information in QBO using journal entries: Recording payroll transactions manually


If you should have additional questions about payroll or need anything, I'm a post away. Wishing you well.

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Re: how to enter payroll for employees

im using quick books online. i tried the journal entry link, however i'm getting an error "please balance debits and credits"
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Re: how to enter payroll for employees

Hi again, @haydenbishop. I'd be happy to assist you with the journal entry. 


As QuickBooks is double-entry accounting, the number of debits must be equal to the credits on the transaction. For a general overview of journal entries, I recommend the following article: Create a journal entry.


Please let me know if have any questions about making the journal entry by commenting below. Take care.