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Live support

Why is live chat support no longer available????


Re: Live support

Good day, VR1.

Let me take care of you.


First though, I'd like to ask the link or the website you've used when trying to chat our Customer Support Team.


I'm glad to let you know that our chat support has always been up and available for QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Click on the link below to initiate the chat with our Customer Care Specialist:


I also want to make sure you're getting the best assistance possible. If you could provide more details of your concern, I'd be glad to help.

On the other hand, you might want to enable the chat bot or QuickBooks Assistant. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and rules to deliver insights and reports to you.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top, then choose QuickBooks Labs.
  2. Scroll down and toggle the switch for QB Assistant to On.

You can also give us a call if you'd like someone from our QBO Phone Support Team to assist you.


I look forward to hearing from you again. I'll be here if there's anything you need about QBO. Enjoy your day!

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Re: Live support

I am using Quickbooks desktop, not online


QuickBooks Team

Re: Live support

Hi there, Sarky75,


It would be my pleasure to get you in touch with someone from the right support team. While I may not be able to pull up your account, if you have any general questions or concerns, feel free to include them in your reply and I'll do what I can to assist you.


If you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, please contact our dedicated Support Team by following the steps below:


Contact QuickBooks Support

  1. Click the link to head to the Official Intuit Contact page.
  2. Select your QuickBooks Desktop, then the version that you're using.
  3. Pick an issue type from the menu below, then click Get Phone Number at the bottom.

This team has special tools capable of pulling up your account in a secure environment and answering any questions you may have. Otherwise, please feel free to post any questions you have below, I'm here to ensure your success. Thanks for coming to the Community, I'll keep an eye out for your response.


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Re: Live support

What to do when I;m running out of space in qkbks?


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Re: Live support

@pamelamarie, what exactly do you mean by "running out of space," and which version of QB are you using?

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Re: Live support

I am using quickbooks desktop premier nonprofit edition 2017

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Re: Live support

I was told I have 155 KB, but need 300 KB or 1 GB.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Live support

Greetings, pamelamarie.


Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention. I'd be happy to help you handle the message you received.


In a situation like this, it would be a good idea to use the Condense Data utility. It has an option to help you remove unnecessary data which reduces your file size but keeps all the detailed transactions.


Here's how you can use this tool:

  1. From the File menu, choose Utilities, then Condense Data.
  2. Select Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date.
  3. Click Next and the notice Working on your file now will appear.
  4. Once it's complete, a window will open showing you the total reduction in your file size. Hit Close.

All of this information and more is available in our guide on how to use the Condense Data utility.


That should do it! Please let me know if you need further assistance, or if there's anything else I can do for you. Have a great one.

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Re: Live support

need to add service key


QuickBooks Team

Re: Live support

Hello there, five.


The Service key is a 16-digit number key that is specific to your EIN and it's usually sent through the mail. If you don't have yet your service key, you can use our Automated Service Key Retrieval tool and sign in with your Intuit Account.


If you do have a payroll set up;

Click the Employees tab, choose My Payroll Service, and then click Manage Payroll. (If you don't, choose Add Payroll Service)


If you don't have payroll set up in your company file;

Click the Employees tab, then Payroll, and then choose Enter Service Key.


Once done,

  1. First, open the QuickBooks Service Key window by pressing together Ctrl (+) K.
  2. In the QuickBooks Service Key window, if you are not using the Disk delivery service click the Add button, and then choose Edit. If you are using the Disk delivery service, Click the Edit button and remember of the service key.
  3. Next, Remove the payroll service key in QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. Select the Add button.
  5. In the Service Key box, enter your Service Key.
  6. Click Next, then Finish.
  7. Select OK on the Payroll update message box.
  8. Lastly, verify if the status shows Active, and then click OK.

Restart your QuickBooks Desktop file. Once done, you are now ready to set up payroll in QuickBooks.


You'll want to check this article for your future reference: 

Get started with Payroll.


You can always get back to me if you need further assistance.

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Re: Live support

I received an email confirming the payment for payroll.  I was charged the full amount for payroll and then a monthly amount, also.  My understanding was that I was going to pay for payroll on a monthly amount to avoid a one time charge.  Why am I being charged both.  Thank you so much for your help

QuickBooks Team

Re: Live support

Thanks for joining the discussion, @georgiadulong.


I'm here to help you get pointed to the right direction to get assistance with your charge inquiry.


Your account's security is my top priority. To verify your payroll charges for QuickBooks Online, I'd suggest reaching out to our Customer Care Team. This team is the best resource for such inquiries as they're able to pull up your account information securely while the Community is a public space. Once they have the information needed, they'll be able to further assist with determining the details on why you're being charged twice on your account.


Also, if you wish to check on your payroll subscription or anything about your account, you may visit the Customer Account Management Portal Site (CAMPS). This is a page that provides you with your account and payment details. 


This information should get you on the right track. 


Please know that I got you covered if there's anything else you need about QuickBooks. I'd be pleased to help you out. Thanks for coming and have a great day.

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Re: Live support

I am new to Quickbooks, as well as business management all together. I am just learning as I go and have a CPA who occasionally comes to help with most of my questions. However, she is not available at the moment and I need some help. I was recently informed that I have to pay use tax on Paypal fees. I have all of the numbers, but how can I enter them separately into Quickbooks??


Re: Live support

I want to officially welcome you to QuickBooks Online family, JT777.


Allow me to help track and record the payment for Use Tax on PayPal fees.


First,  create a liability account for the Use Tax. Then, add this account as a line item on the transaction. Once done, add an expense to record the payment.


Let me show you how:


To create a liability account:

  1. Select Accounting on the left pane, then choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Choose Save and Close.



To add the account on a transaction:

  1. Click the Plus sign icon, then choose Expense.
  2. On the first line the Paypal fee + use tax.
  3. Then on the second line add the liability account using a negative use tax amount.
  4. Enter the needed details.
  5. Click Save and close.



Here's an article for more insights about Use Tax: A Beginner’s Guide To Sales And Use Tax In The US


That should get you on the right track. Please let me know how that works for you. I'm to here provide any additional assistance if you need anything else. Have a good one.

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Re: Live support

Is there a telephone number I could speak to someone live to try to explain what problem I am having?

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Re: Live support

I am on QB Pro 2017.  I did an update this AM that was on my computer.  After doing the update I cannot open QB.  It reads that a version is already open.  If I try to close everything and try again, same thing happens. On one occasion I was able to get to the spot of entering password.  It took it okay, then when I entered it came with same message.  It seems like all is there,  I just cannot open up any file.



QuickBooks Team

Re: Live support

Hello there, @1940Elpaso,


One of the reasons that prevent QuickBooks from opening correctly is when clicking the program multiple times. Make sure to allow sufficient time for the program to load before proceeding.


To help resolve this issue, let's restart your computer to clear programs running in the background. Then, retry to open QuickBooks Desktop.


If same issue persists, use the QBRefresher tool to end QuickBooks processes and ensure things are in proper order.


Let me guide you through on how to download the tool:

  1. Download QBRefresher.
  2. Save the file on your computer.
  3. Run the tool.
  4. Re-open QuickBooks Desktop.

You can also check this out for other troubleshooting steps: Solutions for when QuickBooks stops working.


That will fix this right up. Please stay in touch with me on what the results are. I'm always around whenever you need further assistance. 

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Re: Live support

I need an activation cold. I have been only 35 minutes with no HELP


Re: Live support

Hi Maria137


Thanks for joining us in this thread. Let me help you get an agent, so you can have your activation code for QuickBooks Desktop.


The process of getting the code requires our Risk Management (RM) access since they are the only authorized to add a grace unit on your QuickBooks. I understand you want to speak with one of the phone support agents promptly, but during this month, we have typically a high chat volume to reach the RM Department.


Don't worry, you can also reach out to our Support Team through chat by following these steps:

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to Help.
  2. Choose Support.
  3. Under Additional resources, click on the Contact us link.
  4. Choose Need to contact Intuit Support.
  5. Select Start a Message to initiate a chat session.

I've attached some screenshots below to help you with the process.










Then, follow the steps outlined in this article to activate the software: Activate QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.


This should point you in the right direction. Keep me posted if you have further questions. I'll be here to help.

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Re: Live support

I purchased the desktop software today but when I log into my account there is nothing available to download.  What is going on with this please? thanks


QuickBooks Team

Re: Live support

Hello, @sarahmiss.


Thanks for giving QuickBooks the opportunity to serve you with your accounting needs. I'm here to help you in downloading and installing QuickBooks so you can get back to business. 


You can download your QuickBooks Desktop through this link. If you don't have your product information, there are 2 ways to check on these details:

Once downloaded, you can now start installing your QuickBooks by following these steps:

  1. Select Yes to All.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Agree to the Software License Agreement, then select Next.
  4. Enter your License and Product numbers, then select Next.
  5. Select the type of installation for the computer.
  6. Select where you will be using QuickBooks.
  7. Choose a new install location or select Next to install to the default directory.
  8. Select Install.
  9. Select Open QuickBooks to get started.
  10. Activate QuickBooks and you're all set.

To give you more details about this process and some steps to fix installation errors, you may check out these articles:

Also, make sure that your QuickBooks meets the system requirements to avoid data issues. 


If you need further assistance with the procedure, you can always get in touch with our Customer Care Team


I'm just a reply away if you have any other questions with this concern. Have a good one!

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Re: Live support

I am not able to install the QB desktop software.  I had 3 different techs on my laptop today and they worked for 5 hours trying to figure something out.  They see no issues with my hardware and they do not see any reason the install should not complete without issue.  They have directed to relay this to the QB team and see what might be going on with the software.  Any ideas? Thanks  

QuickBooks Team

Re: Live support

I'll make sure to get the software successfully installed, sarahmiss.


Is there an error when you try to install QuickBooks? If so, you can search for that specific error in our support site to get the troubleshooting steps.


If there's no error, you can download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool. This will rename the old install folders to get rid of damaged program components. From the article, follow Step 1 and proceed to the remaining steps if you get the same issue.


I've also prepared two articles which are known to fix installation issues in QuickBooks:

Lastly, I'd suggest giving us a call if the issue persists. We can investigate what's causing the behavior to ensure that the software gets installed right away.


You can leave a reply if you need more assistance.

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Re: Live support

I am still unable to get this installed!!