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Payroll Liabilities wrong quarter

My company does weekly paychecks, and each week this quarter, our unemployment liabilities have been posting as Q3 and showing up as overdue. The first week or so, I tried to correct it manually but it has continued. It shows nothing due in Q4 and past due in Q3. How can I fix this?

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QuickBooks Team

Payroll Liabilities wrong quarter

Hello there, @sprinklers.


Thank you for taking to reach out to us here in the Community. I'm here to help you fix the liabilities showing up on your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


There are various reasons why scheduled liability is showing as overdue or appears in red in QBDT. These are the following:


  • The liabilities have not been paid.
  • The liabilities were paid but never entered into QBDT.
  • The liabilities were paid through the Write Checks screen or through Bill Payment.
  • The liabilities were overpaid in one period and underpaid in a previous period.
  • The paid through date on the liability check is after the check date.
  • The liability being paid has a paid through date that crosses from one year to the next.

To fix this issue, you may need to check and follow the detailed instructions in this article: Scheduled liabilities show as overdue.


Feel free to drop a comment if you have any other questions about liabilities in QuickBooks. Have a great day ahead!

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