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Payroll Liabilities

My customer, as a non-profit, is exempt from paying FUTA.  I confirmed this with the company's accountant.  Quickbooks was set up originally to accrue Payroll Liabilities due for FUTA.  I have made the payroll item inactive but there are still Payroll Liability amounts showing as overdue in the Pay Liabilities window.  I also adjusted payroll liabilities for the amount accrued.  How do I clear the overdue payments showing?

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QuickBooks Team

Payroll Liabilities

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @TheatreNumbers.


There are several factors why liability shows as overdue or appears in red in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT):

  • The liabilities have not been paid
  • The liabilities were paid but never entered into Desktop
  • The liabilities were maybe paid through the Write Checks or Bill Payment screen
  • The liabilities were overpaid in one period and underpaid in a previous period
  • The paid through the date on the liability check is after the check date
  • The liability being paid has a paid through the date that crosses from one year to the next


To fix the overdue amount in the Pay Liabilities window, please follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the Employees tab and choose Payroll Center.
  2. Select the Transactions tab.
  3. Click Liability Checks .
  4. Double-click on the liability check that was underpaid to compensate for the overpayment in the prior period.
  5. Edit the liability period to cover both periods (the period that the item was overpaid and the period it was underpaid).
  6. Tap Save & Close.
  7. Double-click on the liability check that had the overpayment.
  8. Edit the liability period to cover both periods (the period that the item was overpaid and the period it was underpaid).
  9. Hit Save & Close.

To know more, you can check out this article link: Scheduled liabilities payroll show as overdue or in red


Additionally, since you already made an adjustment and it shows the due in QBDT. You also need to check if there is an adjustment happened in the ER FUTA tax. For the detailed process, please refer to this link: Adjust payroll liabilities in QuickBooks Desktop.


In case you want to review the process on how to pay scheduled or customer liabilities, I'm adding the article on this as well: Set up and pay scheduled or custom (unscheduled) liabilities.


Please don't hesitate to add a comment below if you have any other QuickBooks or payroll questions, I'll be around to help you. Have a good one.

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