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Payroll Permissions

Our client is trying to separate payroll based on Salary and Hourly. They would prefer the salary payrolls to be private while hourly to be accessed and processed by the payroll department. It is their hope that we could set up the permissions to allow for this. We aren't aware of any permissions that would allow this to be done in one Company file. Rather, two files will be needed, one for salary to be processed by owners and another file for hourly to be processed by the payroll department. Is our thinking correct? Is there another way we aren't thinking about yet?
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QuickBooks Team

Payroll Permissions

Yes, you go it right, DJACPA. Once you give a person access to payroll, he can see the information of your salaried and hourly employees.


This is actually a great idea that I can send to our Product Development Team. Meantime, you can set a name  to your payroll schedule (Hourly and Salary). This way, the payroll department and clients will know which employee they'll need to process payroll.


Here's how to change the payroll schedule name:

  1. From the Employees page, click Run Payroll.
  2. Select the first pay schedule, then, click Continue
  3. Select the employee's name so you'll be routed to its profile.
  4. Under step number 3 click the pencil icon.
  5. You can enter a name that you want to identify this pay schedule.
  6. Click Done and then hit Done again.

You'll be prompted if only this employee uses the pay schedule or All employees listed above. After confirming click Continue.


In addition, we don't advise you to have two company files just to do payroll since you pay and  file taxes as one. This is for you to easily manage your expenses as well.


If you have further questions with managing user access please do leave a reply. 

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