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setting up payroll for another company of ours?

Can I set up another payroll for another company that we just started up using the same quick books program that I already have

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QuickBooks Team

Re: setting up payroll for another company of ours?

Let me be the first to welcome you in the Intuit Community, hill tow.

The desktop version allows you to create multiple company files at the same time connect them with the Payroll option. Yes, you can use the exact QuickBooks program to set up the feature for another company.


If you haven't created the data file, let's make one from scratch. Here's how:


  1. Open your QuickBooks.
  2. In the No Company open window, choose the Create a new company option.
  3. You can either select Express Start to Detailed start for the set up process.
  4. For the Express Start, enter your business name and industry type in the field boxes.
  5. From the Business Type drop-down, pick the correct option.
  6. Input the information for each field box:  EIN, Business Address, and Phone number.
  7. After completing the process, click on the Create Company tab.
  8. To get all the details into the software, click on the Add button for each selection.
  9. If you don’t have the information handy, you can always add them later.
  10. Click on Start working.

    Check out these screenshots to visually guide you.

    brb.png brb1.png brb2.png brb3.png

Once done, you can now add the EIN to the company file. For detailed steps on how to activate payroll, follow the steps here and proceed to the QuickBooks Desktop 2017, 2018, and 2019 section.


This should help set up the payroll service.


Please update me on the outcome after trying the steps. I'll be right here if you need further assistance.