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Why is my enter first payroll greyed out

QuickBooks Team

Why is my enter first payroll greyed out

Welcome, @mkabia and thank you for coming to the QuickBooks Community for assistance. 


I'm excited to help you run your first payroll. 


Could you provide me a screenshot of where it is greyed out? This information will help me find the best resolution. 


In the meantime, here is a link that has some general information about payroll within QuickBooks. 

I'll be keeping an eye out for your reply, I want to make sure to get your payroll up and running. 

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Why is my enter first payroll greyed out

This always happens. Every single new employee we enter the two buttons are greyed out and we cannot add previous pay information, thus cannot process the payroll in a timely manner. I’d like to do this without needing to contact QBO payroll every time as it takes 14 business days for it to be fixed 


Why is my enter first payroll greyed out

Welcome and thanks for joining this conversation, @Tcg1990.


Allow me to chime in for and share some information about why the enter first payroll option is greyed out in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


A possible reasons why that option is greyed out is that if you already have paychecks created after setting up payroll within QBO.


If that's the case, editing or entering prior payroll information after that is currently unavailable. You need to reach out to our Payroll Support team for assistance. Please note that the process may take up to 14 business days.


For your reference, you can also check out this article for more information: Set up a prior payroll.


This information should answer your concern for today. Please post again or leave a comment if you have any additional questions. Have a great rest of the day!

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Why is my enter first payroll greyed out

Thank you for your reply. However That’s very unfortunate as I will really never be able to process the first payroll since it can take up to 14 days to enter 0.00 in all fields....I’d then have to send another request to update it with the first paycheck that was manually done if not done in time 

How can this be handled in a more reasonable time frame? 



QuickBooks Team

Why is my enter first payroll greyed out

Thanks for getting back to us, Tcg1990.


The time frame for the correction (enter prior payroll) would depend on the queue, but mostly, it can take up to less that 14 days.


If you have other questions, feel free to go back to this thread.

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