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Record an NSF Paycheck



We unfortunately had one of our employees paychecks bounced due to NSF in our business account (this was a paper check NOT direct deposit).   We had to hurry and write this employee a check out of our personal account ASAP which we did.  How do I record the NSF payroll check and show the reissue of the paycheck from our personal account?  


Support is appreciated!

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Record an NSF Paycheck

Hello stygart,


When you encounter NSF for processing payroll, you don't need to record anything. An automatic re-debit is processed on the day Intuit receives the return from your bank. These debits transactions are sent to your bank at 5pm Pacific Standard time.


What we can do is change the direct deposit paycheck to a regular one. You can view the detailed steps in this link: Change a direct deposit paycheck to a regular paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.


You can also visit this link to know more about NSF: Desktop payroll NSF bank returns.


Feel free to get back to us if you require additional help in following those steps.

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Record an NSF Paycheck

Thank you for your response.  I process our PR through QuickBooks not through the payroll service and we do not use direct deposit.  So Intuit wouldn't have a return on their end.  I print and issues the checks through QuickBooks.


Hope that makes sense.  I think I am just going to do a JE and document well.


Thank you~

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Record an NSF Paycheck

Hello this did NOT answer the question and now I need the answer also.  The posted like me does not use automatic deposit with QBO so please do not mention anything about QBO putting anything back.  LOL


My client has had one paycheck returns NSF.   Do I need to do a journal entry to remove all payroll entries and redo it? Could you lay out the facts please, example

DR  this and CR that, without messing with liabilities.   My client has already etransferred the paycheck again and I want it to find the match.  I'm clearly over thinking this.


Record an NSF Paycheck

You don't need to create a journal entry to remove all payroll entries, leebrendalee.


If the transaction that was transferred electronically has the same amount, you can use the same paycheck to find a match. You can also use the Memo field to indicate what happened to the original transaction to keep track of it. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Workers menu and select Employees.
  2. Click Paycheck List in the right-hand corner.
  3. Look for the transaction and click the amount under the Net Pay column.
  4. Scroll-down a little bit and enter the details in the Memo field.
  5. Click OK.

Although, you can also delete or void the said paycheck to remove all payroll entries from that transaction. Then, recreate it to make sure all employee transactions are recorded. Her's an article as a guide: Delete or void paychecks.


I'll be around if you need more help with payroll. 




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Record an NSF Paycheck

ok will give that a go when I"m ready thanks again.

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