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Report to make unemployment filing

I use QB Desktop

I have to file unemployment for New Mexico.  On that report they want the employee name, social, gross pages, NM withholdings, and when they worked.


Does anyone know a report that will at least give me the employee, social, wages, and withholding?  That way I can export it to excel?  If someone knows one that will do everything, that would be AMAZING!


I have attached the sample form I have to use.

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Report to make unemployment filing

Hi there, @Walter5


You've come to the right place. Thanks for providing a sample form to get a better picture of the report that you need. 


I'll walk you through how to run a report that will show the employee name, social, wages, NM withholdings and hours worked. 


You can use the Payroll Summary report since it includes the following: 



  •     Employee wages, taxes, and adjustments
  •     Employee sick and vacation time
  •     Net pay
  •     Employer taxes and contributions


Here's how to pull it up in QuickBooks Desktop: 


  1.     Go to the Reports menu at the top. 
  2.     Select Employees & Payroll, then choose Payroll Summary.
  3.     From the Dates drop-down, select a date range. 
  4.     Choose Refresh.
  5.     Remove the Hours and/or Rate columns by selecting Customize Report
  6.     Under the Display tab, clear the Hours and/or Rate checkboxes, then choose OK.
  7.     Under the Filters tab, change the pay periods by selecting Under the Filters tab, change the pay periods by selecting Pay Period Begin/End Date.
  8.     Click OK


Then, you can export the report to Excel. Here's how: 


  1.     On the Reports screen, select the Excel drop-down. 
  2.     Choose either Create New Worksheet or Update Existing Worksheet
  3.     Select Advanced to set how you want the Excel report to be formatted.
  4.     Choose OK
  5.     Click Export


See the screenshot below to show you the first two steps. 




After the report is exported, you can use it when filing your unemployment to New Mexico. You can also create a Payroll Summary Report By Employee if you want to run it per employee. For additional customization of reports in QBDT, you can check out this article: Customize Reports


This will get you going, @Walter5. If you need anything else, feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll be here to help you out. Have a great day! 

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