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Sales Report to automate payroll to sales reps

I need to set up a report that I can generate each month to a) calculate a running total of all sales generated per sales rep that are still current for this month (no matter when they signed them up.. SO.. if they signed up 2 deals in Jan they'd get paid for those 2 deals at the end of Jan.. if they add 3 more in Feb, then they'd get paid commission on all 5 deals at the end of Feb.. and so on.. each month (as long as their accounts are still in good standing (or active) and their pay for the month. and then b) pay them monthly through Quickbooks Payroll service.

First the Sales Log.. I need it to look like this (it'll have more fields):

ABC PizzaBob Smith1/2/18mobile app$39$99$60$60YES
XYZ PizzaMark Jones1/4/18mobile app$39$69$30$30YES
Main Street CoffeeBob Smith1/15/18mobile app$39$49$10$10YES
West Side CoffeeMark Jones1/28/18mobile app$39$59$20$20YES
Cafe USABob Smith2/4/18mobile app$39$99$60$60YES
Wing HutBob Smith2/10/18mobile app$39$79$40$40YES
Taco MammaBob Smith2/20/18mobile app$39$99$60$60YES


So then I can pull a report for Feb.. For each sales rep... So Bob Smith's would need to look like this

BOB SMITHABC Pizza1/2/18Mobile App$39$99$60YES$60
BOB SMITHMain Street Coffee1/15/18Mobile App$39$49$10YES$10
BOB SMITHCafe USA2/4/18Mobile App$39$99$60YES$60
BOB SMITHWing Hut2/10/18Mobile App$39$79$40YES$40
BOB SMITHTaco Momma2/20/18Mobile App$39$99$60YES$60


Then finally to send reports to reps and pay them automatically.

Can I get walked through how to do this please?


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Sales Report to automate payroll to sales reps

Good day, @customappbuild.

Welcome to the Community! I can provide information about generating a report to automate payroll to a sales rep.


Generating a report to automate payroll to a sales rep isn't currently offered in QuickBooks. I can definitely see how this report would be useful. As a team with a massive road-map, we have to pick new features based on the value they’ll add to the most users possible.


Features and options will be implemented in the product when you share your suggestions to our product developers. Please share them via this link:


Also, you may find this article helpful about customizing a report in QuickBooks:


Please know that I'm here if I can be of additional help. Wishing you and your business continued success.

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