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Set up and sign in and page stays blank what do I do to see paycheck?

I can not see paycheck won't do anything when I sign in please help me

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QuickBooks Team

We can perform some troubleshooting steps to access your...

We can perform some troubleshooting steps to access your paychecks in QuickBooks Workforce, grumpyoldaunt.


Let's try clearing the browser's cache you use when accessing QuickBooks Workforce. This helps refresh the page and clear the stored data.


Here's how to clear the browser's cache if you're using the Google Chrome browser:


  1. Click the More icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Advanced at the bottom of the page.
  4. On the Privacy and security section, click Clear browsing data.
  5. Check the Browsing history box.
  6. From the Time range drop-down, choose All time.
  7. Check the Cached images and files box.
  8. Click Clear data.

If you're using another browser, you can check out this article for the steps and details: Delete or disable cache and temporary internet files in your web browser.


If you encounter an error message, "We Weren't Able to Show Your Payroll Info" then we have an ongoing issue about this one. Our engineers are still working for the permanent fix.


In the meantime, you can provide your employees with a paper copy of their pay stubs. You can check out this article for the steps and details on how to print them:


Once done, please contact our Customer Support Team. They'll add you to the list of the affected users. Then, provide the investigation number (INV-27926) to our phone support agent. You'll be receiving an email update once the issue is fixed.


Here's how to contact them:


  1. Click Help on the top menu.
  2. Choose Contact us.
  3. Enter the QuickBooks Workforce error message in the What can we help you with? field.
  4. Click Let's talk.
  5. Choose a way to connect with us through Message an agent or Get a callback.

Visit the Community if you need anything else in QuickBooks Workforce. I'm here to help.

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