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setting up a non-resident employee

Looking for help in setting up a new, non-resident employee.  Our business is in PA, new employee resides in NY.  How do I set up the local tax for this employee

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QuickBooks Team

Re: setting up a non-resident employee

Let me walk you through how to set up non-resident employees, Donna 15. 


QuickBooks follows the state's reciprocity agreement in which the employee only pays taxes in one of the states. For PA and NY there isn’t any. With this, I suggest reaching out to your state agency or to a tax professional to help you identify the employee's taxation. 


Once you already have the employee’s information, here’s how to record it:

  1. Go to the Employees menu.
  2. Select Employee Center.
  3. At the upper-right corner of the Employee Center window, click New Employee.
  4. Select the Personal tab and complete the fields.
  5. Switch to the next tabs to enter the employee’s details.
  6. Under the Payroll info section, click the Taxes button to enter the advised taxes to be withheld from this employee.
  7. Once done, click OK

I got a reference here on how to electronically pay and file your taxes within QuickBooks. 


If you have further questions that I can help you with, please let me know. 

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