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I am fairly new to quickbooks, and I am currently doing the pro advisor training. I do have a few questions for those that are more experienced. Some of the clients I will be working with, simply just want their quarterly 941s filed, annual 940, 1099s, w-2s, state unemployment taxes, and estimated tax payments, and withholding taxes done on a quarterly, and annual basis. Do I need to be an "full on board" bookkeeper to do this for them? In other words, I am confused as to what involvmenet is required of me, as 4 of the potential clients are computer illiterate and  don't want to deal with the computer and prefer for me to do the tax reporting on their behalf. I look forward to any answers. Thank you. 

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Re: tax

QuickBooks has a "Full Service Payroll" option that you can "add on" to your clients current subscription that will do the work for you, essentially. This may be a good option for you, if your clients are willing to pay for the cost of the add on.


It is pretty easy to prepare annual 1099's in QBO as well, which can be E-filed for a cost.

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Re: tax

@mvp2885 wrote:

4 of the potential clients are computer illiterate and  don't want to deal with the computer and prefer for me to do the tax reporting on their behalf. 

QBO is best for collaborative accounting where the client does most of the bookkeeping; invoicing, the daily posting from the bank feed, entering employee hours for payroll, etc. There are 2 free accountant users allowed, meant for a remote bookkeeper and the tax pro for the annual taxes. 

If clients don't do their own bookkeeping, there is no point in using QBO, IMO.   The extra cost - for remote multi-user access - is not necessary.  It may be justified if you use the 5 for $25 promotion

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Re: tax

I have used both the Desktop and Online versions of QuickBooks to service clients that have never logged into their QBO account. I prefer QBO as a cloud accounting application, it is the way of the future. The desktop versions of QuickBooks will be phased out entirely at some point.


Accounting clients can pay for their own QBO subscription. There is no need to offer wholesale pricing to your clients and assume the responsibility of paying for your clients QBO subscriptions under you QBOA firm account. 


It's nice when you can collaborate with your clients, when they pay their vendor bills and enter their customer invoices and payments, but it's certainly not necessary, and it's easy enough to do it for them. I don't recommend having your clients manage the bank feed transactions.


It is necessary to go through the ProAdvisor training and certification AND to get hands-on experience doing client accounting work in QBO before you can give reliable advice to others on how to use it or critique it.

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Re: tax

Thanks for the reply. If you don’t kindness me asking, what have you used QuickBooks for your clients? What kind of services have you offered? 

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Re: tax

Hi mvp2885


QuickBooks Online has different subscriptions. 


  • Simple Start 
  • Essential 
  • Plus
  • Advanced

You can check the plans and pricing in this link:


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. 

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Re: tax

I served clients with QuickBooks Online (mostly the Plus version) and all versions of QuickBooks Desktop as a Senior Lead Forensic Accountant for a full-service Accounting firm.