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Tracking payroll with Classes

I have one payroll item that will not allocate to a class(s).

All the rest do.

Vacation Salary - even though on the time card it is assigned a class(s) when calling up the Employee Earnings Summary by Class, it is not in there. If the report is run as "all classes", then the amount and heading do show up. 

I've tried the Tool Hub to see if it will be fixed but still will not allocate to the specific class.

Hopefully someone can help me.

Thank you

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QuickBooks Team

Tracking payroll with Classes

Hello, jmatsko. 


It's great to see you back in the Community. Let's work together to get this problem handled with your Tracking payroll with classes.  


All QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) versions has class tracking feature and should show properly. With that being said, let's try a few basic troubleshooting steps to help eliminate any glitches that may be occurring in the system. Using our Verify and Rebuild Data tool will allow this information to appear. Don't worry. It only takes a few easy steps. Here's how: 


Verify Data


  1. Choose the Window menu and hit the Close all option. 
  2. Go to the File menu. 
  3. Hover over Utilities
  4. Pick Verify Data


Rebuild Data


  1. Go through steps 2-4. However, select Rebuild Data instead. 
  2. Press OK when prompted to backup your company file. 
  3. After the backup is finished, the Rebuild Data Utility will start. 
  4. Hit OK when you see this message: "Rebuild has completed." 


I'm adding this article for more information: Tracking payroll expenses by class, department, or location. To view other guides and tutorials, feel free to visit our general help topics page. 


If there's anything else you need, please let me know in the comments below. I'll be around to help you out again. Take care!

Community Champion

Tracking payroll with Classes


RE: Vacation Salary - even though on the time card it is assigned a class(s) when calling up the Employee Earnings Summary by Class, it is not in there. 


There is likely nothing wrong with your file:

- The class on the Earnings Summary by Class and - any payroll report that includes the class field - is looking at your Paychecks, not your time records.

- So, if you create payroll and then edit time records for that period, doing so won't change payroll reports in any way.

- To fix the missing class values, edit the paychecks that use the item where there is currently no class entered and add the correct class.


Note that you can edit older checks and add a class to the earnings table (and also make other changes there as needed) while the "lock paycheck" option is enabled. When it's enabled, it's safe make any allowed changes because the paycheck won't re-calculate the taxes or allow changes to gross or net pay to be saved. So, you can, for example, shift wages from one earnings item to another or split up paid wages into more detail rows that use more classes or jobs. Whatever. As long as the total gross pay is the same when you get done you can save the paycheck without impacting anything that will change your payroll tax form amounts.

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