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Used Vacation hours shows zero

I run payroll for an employee who is allotted 25 hrs/annually for vacation which she has taken. The amount of hours available on her pay stub is correct (shows 0) however the used vacation hours also shows zero. How can I change to reflect 25 vacation hours actually used? Thanks.
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Re: Used Vacation hours shows zero

Good day, @MacGregor1.


Let's make sure that the used vacation hours of your employee are tracked properly so it'll be posted on the pay stub. I can walk you through in achieving that. 


Once, you apply vacation hours on an employees payroll, QuickBooks will automatically deduct the number of hours from the remaining accrual. The used and available vacation hours will be posted upon printing the pay stub. Please see the sample screenshots below about the process of applying vacation hours to the employees' paycheck and how does it look like when printed.

vacation1.PNG vacation2.PNG vacation3.PNG


For more insights about the vacation hours in QuickBooks Online, you may read through these resources: 

Once verified that your set up is correct and the issue persists, I'd suggest accessing and printing the pay stub using a private browser. If it works fine, go back to your regular browser and clear its cache. I'm including an article that goes over this in more depth and provides steps for supported browsers: Delete or Disable Cache and Temporary Internet Files in Your Web Browser.


You can also read through this article about troubleshooting steps when printing pay stubs in QuickBooks Online for your future reference.


Keep me updated on how it goes. I'll be around if there's anything else you need. Take care!