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VMP/Workforce and realm ID

We use QB Accountant Desktop, and have for a very long time now.  We do payroll for clients.  


When VMP came out, we set them all up with it.  Now that VMP has become Workforce, clients' employees are having trouble gaining access, especially new employees.  I've tried to go in and "invite employees" per the instructions at  but this all seems aimed at someone who has never had VMP before, and the big issue is, the "Company Realm ID" is showing as Null in the client files.  


How do I invite employees to use Workforce in a company that had previously used VMP and has a Company Realm ID as Null?  I am the admin user on the company file, and our company owns the subscription (not the client company).


Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

Hello, @KTFPC.


I'm here to help share some information about QuickBooks Workforce.


You don't need to invite employees if they had previously used VMP before. They can use their existing Intuit account ID and password when logging in to QuickBooks Workforce. The first time they access their paychecks, they also need to enter their Social Security number and the net amount of their most recent paycheck. 


Also, we have some reported cases regarding some errors when using the QuickBooks Workforce. If you encounter one, please reach out to our Payroll Specialist so they can check and provide you with the necessary troubleshooting steps.


Additionally, you can check this article for more information: Set up ViewMyPaycheck for your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows company.


Let me know if you have additional questions about using the Workforce. I'll be here to keep helping.

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Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

I am trying to invite an employee that does not have an intuit log on.  When I click the "Invite Employees" and sign in I get the following responseCapture.PNG

I followed these instructions and nothing changed got the same error message. 


When I look at the product information page, the Company Realm Id is "null".  How do I fix this?

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Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

I was having the same COMPANY REALM ERROR and was able to get past it using the following steps:


Login to the file as admin.



Click the LOGIN link in the upper right corner above MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT and login with your Intuit ID. 

Once logged in, click on EMPLOYEES :: MANAGE PAYROLL CLOUD SERVICES and invite all uninvited employees.


Unfortunately in my bigger company files I cannot get this last step to work. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to populate the invitation list and by that time the page times out and tells me my session has expired. Support is not very helpful. Anyone got any suggestions?


Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

Hello, @jonathonmc.


Thank you for sharing the workaround in fixing the Company Realm error. I'm sure this will help other users as well with inviting employees to Workforce.


Our Product Team is still working on this issue and our next update is currently scheduled for Tuesday, July 02 13:00:00 GMT 2019.


Since the steps didn't work on a bigger company file, I'd still suggest reaching out to our Payroll Team. As much as I'd like to help, we can't access your private information here in the public forum so it'd be best to get this taken care of by our live payroll representatives. They have all the necessary tools they can use to help.


Keep me posted if you need anything else. I'll be here to help if you have other payroll questions.

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Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

I've had a similar issue with my larger company file.  It does say that it completes all the rows but then populates a white screen where I can't see any employees to select them.  Then when I try to back out it freezes my program and forces me to restart.  Hopefully the scheduled maintenance on 7/2 will fix all of our issues.  ViewMyPaycheck and then the secondary Intiut sites worked just fine, I haven't been able to get my new employees set up for going on 3 weeks now!

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Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

I have this exact problem - Intuit timing out before I am able to send my invites. It is now 7/8/19, and there is no answer. I cannot tell you how frustrating of a situation this has been. First, getting the Realm error.. then, finally figuring out the enable activeX workaround.... to now, being able to get the employee list to finally show, but not being able to complete the process due to the timing out problem. I have to say that I am very disappointed in Intuit's handling of this. First of all, employers should have been informed that this change was going to take effect. Additionally, Intuit should have made it clear that this change was going to add additional steps to our plate, where previously, simply adding employees, and ensuring their information was correct, was enough. With that being said, I always thought that updates/changes were always made to streamline processes, and take work off of our plate, not add to it...
QuickBooks Team

Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

I appreciate you for voicing your experience, @SFlorman.


I truly understand the impact of any delay in resolving the ongoing concern with using the Workforce. Our Product Engineers are still working on releasing a permanent resolution to fix this unexpected behaviour. 


Although, I can’t provide you with the specific time frame on when this will be fixed. Rest assured, as soon as updates are released it will be applied automatically into your account. Also, you'll be informed about it through an email. 


On the other hand, let's ensure to set Internet Explorer as your default browser and turn on your ActiveX Filtering for all sites. This prevents sites from installing and using these small apps. You can refer to this article for more detailed information: Use ActiveX controls for Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer 10.


Lastly, we can perform some troubleshooting steps to resolve the time out you've experienced while navigating around QuickBooks Workforce. This is to isolate for possible browser related issues.


  1. Access your QuickBooks Workforce account on a private browser. Kindly use either of the following shortcut keys:
    • Google Chrome, press CTRL  Shift N
    • Mozilla Firefox: press CTRL  Shift P
    • Internet Explorer: Press CTRL  Shift P
    • Safari: press Command Shift N
  2. The stored data of your regular web browser may affect it's performance especially if it becomes corrupted or damaged. You may want to clear the cache of your regular web browsers.
  3. Alternately, you can use other web browsers.

Keep me posted if you have other questions. I'm always here to help.

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Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

We've done the reset to get the Realm ID to populate, as well as the ActiveX Filtering reset, and neither of them have let us invite any new employees to view their paystubs online.


What's your next suggestion?

QuickBooks Team

Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

Hi there, KTFPC.


Thank you for posting here in the QuickBooks Community.


Inviting employees to use Workforce is currently under investigation. We already submitted a notification about this and our engineers are all working together for the nearest solution.


In the meantime, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Support Team to add you to the list affected users.


Here's how to contact our Customer Support Team:


1. Open your QuickBooks Account.
2. At the top right, click the Help icon.
3. Click Contact Us.
4. Enter any concerns on the page under What can we help you with?.
5. Click Lets Talk.
6. You'll be routed into the Choose a way to connect with us page.
7. Select how you want to contact them and fill in the information.


I will get back to you as well, once we have an update.

For additional resources, check out to this article on how to sign in and access your paychecks,W-2's using Workforce: Access your paychecks and W-2’s online. 

Please know that you're always welcome to post again if you have any other concerns. We’re always here to help. Have a wonderful day!

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Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

Are we any closer to a solution?  It has been 8 days, and I'm still having to send new employee paystubs manually.


Sarah Florman

QuickBooks Team

Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

I'm here to give you an update about the Company realm ID error you're getting when inviting new employees, @SFlorman,



This is something out engineers are still working on at the moment. Our investigating team sends an update about the status rolled out to everyone added to the case ticket which is being done in stages. Once an update is available, you will be notified through email.


I know that having to wait for the resolution can be a real pain when you have more important things to be doing. In the meantime, I would recommend giving our Quickbooks Online Support Team a quick call to add you to the list of affected users and have them add you to the ticket number INV-32422.


Here's how to get our contact information:


  1. Click the (?) Help menu at the top right section of your QBO Dashboard.
  2. Tap the Contact us button.


Don't forget to let me know how the call goes. I want to make sure you're all taken care of. Please get back to me anytime by mentioning me on your post or clicking the Reply button below.

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Re: VMP/Workforce and realm ID

I am absolutely appalled by QuickBooks and Intuit. I have been using their software for nearly 12 years now to manage a handful of companies, and the service and 'features' they have added are nothing of the sort, it's utter garbage. In the last five years they have completely thrown out their employee paystub system TWICE, for absolutely no reason. I have now wasted tens of thousands of dollars worth of my time and my employees time trying to train people on how to migrate to the new, unnecessary, broken systems. On top of that, they don't even have the common decency to notify their customers this change is taking place.


Then there is the actual programming that goes into this crap. In order to invite employees to view their paystubs, you must go to Company->My Company->Sign In (upper right hand corner by the close window button) and log in there. From there you have to go to Employees->Manage Payroll Cloud Services, and log in once again. Then you're greeted with a wonderful crystal clear error message "Company Realm Error" that only tells you to go sign back into the My Company window (even if you are already signed in).


At this point you're logging into an Intuit account three or more times all over QuickBooks in order to send a simple email. Once you actually manage to wade through this crap and find an populated list of employees, you can only invite people who do not have an Intuit account already. This is great for new hires or people who never used VMP, but all of the employees who already had accounts don't get an email explaining how to get onto the new service. Guess what that means? More employee training and thousands of dollars of wasted time sitting around doing Intuit's job of helping people migrate their personal Intuit accounts to the new, absolutely unnecessary service for them.


Once you have escaped the trainwreck that is getting your employees invited, you then have to print out copies of all of the most recent paystubs and hand them out, because of course everyone including the people who were on VMP, have to verify everything again with their net pay and SSN. Oh wait there's more! Now every single payroll, I have to log in and invite new hires to the system, more work and wasted time. The only saving grace of any of this is the community of people here who don't give up trying to figure it out, and post to share ideas with everyone else.


I have nothing constructive to say. Intuit has terrible instructions if they bother to post any at all. They have terrible communication. Their support is terrible. Their programmers are terrible. Can you please do us a massive favor and stop adding 'features' to your software? Nobody there has the first clue what they're doing, and clearly nothing gets beta tested before being launched. PLEASE JUST LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE.