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W2 from Employer (Misplaced)

I accidentally misplaced my 2018 W2 from my previous employer. The business has been shut closed since March 2018. They mailed the W2's last April, 2018, but I misplaced my copy. where can I get a copy to file my 2018 return?

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Re: W2 from Employer (Misplaced)

Hello Crispin1,


There's another way to get the copy of your W-2 form. If you're able to access your paychecks online from your previous employer, you can get the forms as well. Let me walk you through: 

  1. Log in to this website: 
  2. Enter your Email or user ID and Password.
  3. Click on Sign In.

Please refer to this article on how to view and print the form from your Workforce account: Access W-2s in Workforce.


Otherwise, you can reach out to your previous employer. They might have kept a copy of your W-2 form. 


You can always get back to us if you need more help.