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W2's into View My Paycheck



I ran my W2's yesterday, want to have them all uploaded to View My Paycheck.  Anyways, I got the pop-up that was sent to the employees that said "Yay! Your W2 is ready, log in!!".  But, next day and there are still no W2's uploaded to the View My Paycheck pages for employees.  Did I do something wrong to prevent upload, or is there just a delay in this process?  I did click the button to "send payroll data" to the cloud.  

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W2's into View My Paycheck

Hey there, ryansw,


I can see this is your first post so I'd like to welcome you to the Community! I can share an update about the employee's W-2's not showing in ViewMyPaycheck.


Our Support Team currently tagged this problem as an ongoing issue with QuickBooks Desktop. Our engineers are closely working to implement a solution for this unexpected hitch.

While they do, we would suggest getting in touch with our Payroll Care Support Team to have you added to our notification list of affected users. You can request our representatives to add you to the investigation number INV-24325. Here's how you can contact us:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your Payroll Subscription type, then choose a topic.
  3.  Click on the View Contact Info button.

In the meantime, here are some workarounds you can try to complete your work:

  1. Delete cache and cookies.
  2. Try other browser (Chrome, Firefox , Safari)
  3. If customer is still under the old experience ( you can let the customer try to access W2 on
  4. Try different computer/device.
  5. Manually print or email employee's W-2 form.

That should do it, ryansw.


Please let me know how this goes. I'm here if you need further assistance with QuickBooks. All the best!

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W2's into View My Paycheck

Why is Intuit not letting clients know about this problem! What are they doing to fix it? This should be a priority!

QuickBooks Team

W2's into View My Paycheck

Hello there, chris6.


Thanks for joining this thread. I'm here to provide some additional updates about the W2 on the ViewMyPaycheck page.


 As of now, we haven’t received any updates yet if when this will be resolved, but rest assured that our engineers are currently investigating and working on an immediate fix. I also  encourage you to reach out to our Customer Care Team to add your account to the list of affected users. This way, you'll be notified of any updates on the progress on the investigation via email. 

You can reach our support team by following the steps provided by Jen_D on her post above. 

We appreciate your patience as we work through this. If there's anything else I can do for you, please let me know. I'll be around to help you out. 

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W2's into View My Paycheck

Has this been fixed? Have the same problem for 2019.

QuickBooks Team

W2's into View My Paycheck

Hi there, CY213.


If you're referring to the INV-24325 provided above, the issue has been resolved. Since you encountered the same issue in W2 2019, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. They have the tools to pull up your account and conduct an investigation on why this issue persists for 2019.


Before contacting them, please note the following criteria:


  • W2's for 2019 will not be available until after the employer has filed or archived the form, which will not be available until January.
  • W2's for any year earlier than 2018 are not available on Workforce at this time.
  • Please make sure you know what year the employee is trying to view before escalating.


Here's how to get in touch with our QuickBooks Support Team.


1. Open your QuickBooks Account.

2. At the top right, click the Help icon.

3. Click Contact Us.

4. Under What can we help you with?, enter any concerns.

5. Click Let's Talk.

6. You'll be routed into the Choose a way to connect with us page.

7. Select how you want to contact them and fill in the information.


In the meantime, the employees can contact their employer to request for W2 copy.


You may check this article on how to print a replacement employee W-2 form and what ate the related articles about W2: How to reprint or replace employee W-2 forms.


Please check this article what type of paper available in printing W2 forms and the important information about W2:Types of paper available for printing W-2 forms.


You are always welcome to post here in QuickBooks Community and I'm always here to help you.

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