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WA Care tax Refund

How do I refund the WA Cares tax that was withheld from my employees. I found directions for the desktop version but not the online version.

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WA Care tax Refund

Hello, cfw1.


I'll direct you to the right place on how you can process the refund for the WA Cares tax that was withheld from your employees. 


We would need to apply corrections for the WA Cares tax in your books and process the reimbursements. To do that, you'll want to contact one of our QuickBooks Online Payroll support. 


They have the tools to ensure the corrections are properly applied and that you can process the reimbursements for your employees. 


Here's how to reach them: 


  1. Click the Help icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to the Search tab.
  3. Click the Contact Us button.
  4. In the box, type something like "Process WA Cares tax refund" or similar.
  5. Hit Continue, then choose how you want to reach us (phone or chat).


After making the corrections and reimbursements, I'm sure you'll want to double-check and verify your payroll tax amounts and current liabilities.


You can run reports to see the current numbers. Check out this article for a guide: Run payroll reports.


If you need help managing your employees, paying your other taxes, etc., please let me know. If you also need a hand in recording other transactions, I'll lay down a guide or two. Always here to help. 


Level 1

WA Care tax Refund

Contacted QB Online payroll through the help menu today to refund WA Cares Tax that was withheld in error. The Payroll Specialist had no information on how to process the withholding refund.  She told me first that I needed to contact the state for the refund, but I looked in QBO Payroll Tax and could see that the withholdings were still accruing and had not been paid to the state (they are filed and remitted quarterly and this is only half way through the quarter).  After 45 min she told me she would need to open a ticket with their back-end team to figure out how to reverse the withholding.  When I asked when to expect the correction I was told 10-20 days is their standard ticketing process.  After talking with a supervisor, I was told that their "payroll specialists" are just front line call center agents who don't have access to actually do anything other than open tickets.


So WARNING... don't expect actual support from intuit payroll if you have this problem

Level 1

WA Care tax Refund


Just got an update that my correction request had been received.  Supposedly this was submitted for "priority" processing


Case Type: Payroll Correction

We have received a Payroll Correction request for your QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite account.

Please review the following:

  • Your request will be completed within the next 40 - 50 days.
  • If we determine that additional information is required, we will contact you before proceeding with your request.


If 40-50 days is priority processing, I hate to think what standard wait times are for a simple correction request.

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