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Washington State Paid Leave

I cannot get Quickbooks to do the proper calculations on my employees for the WA Family Leave Law.  I have manually done it for (now) 3 payrolls.  With only 32 employees its ok, but come March that number will double.  


Can anyone help?  I've been on hold with Intuit for over 15  minutes and dont have the time nor the desire to do it any longer....grrr!

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QuickBooks Team

Washington State Paid Leave

Hello there, JessesLawn.


Thanks for letting us know. I'm here to help ensure that your WA Paid Family and Medical Leave deduction will calculate correctly when running payroll.


To make sure you have the updated tax table version, you'll need to run Payroll Updates in your QuickBooks Desktop. This updates will provide the accurate rates and calculations for supported state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms and e-file and payment options. 


Let me walk you through the steps: 

  1. At the top menu bar, click Employees.
  2. Select Get Payroll Updates.
  3. Click Download entire payroll update
  4. Select Update button. 

Once done, create a dummy (unscheduled) paycheck with the same date to see if the deduction is now calculating correctly. You can check this article for the detailed steps: Create paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.


For additional reference, you may also check this article to learn more about the Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (New Tax 2019).


If you need further assists with the steps. i recommend calling our QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support. They have additional tools to pull up your account and do a remote session. 


Here's how you can contact them: 

  1. Go to
  2. Select your Payroll Subscription type.
  3. Choose a topic.
  4. Click on the View Contact Info button to get their contact number.

That should do it! Please don't hesitate to click the Reply button below if you have any other concerns about WA Family Leave Law. I'm always here to help you out. 

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