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Where can I find a book keeper to hire?

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Where can I find a book keeper to hire?

QuickBooks Team

Where can I find a book keeper to hire?

Glad to have you here in the Community, @kconwell.


You can visit the Find a ProAdvisor website to look for an accountant or bookkeeper near you that offers their expertise in Quickbooks. Here's how:


  1. Visit this link:
  2. Enter your region or location in the search bar and click Search.
  3. Read reviews first, then select recommended accountants in nearby areas. 


You can check their profile and send a message so they can contact you. 


For future reference, you can also talk to an expert by visiting our  QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping page. 


Come again and post your question in the Community if you need anything else. We're happy to assist. 

Community Champion

Where can I find a book keeper to hire?

While most "find an accountant" might actually lead to an actual accountant (not necessarily CPA) you may be instead looking for  someone whose tasks for you fall more into data entry of AR, AP, HR. A Pro Advisor might still be able to provide you with a local bookkeeper. Not that the knowledge and skill level of a "bookkeeper" is in any way diminished it depends more on hourly rates.


Your business is important and you are trusting a portion of your livelihood to someone you have yet to meet. If you are willing to accept entry level but with qualifications you might investigate any local business school or community college that have ready and willing graduates in accounting/bookkeeping


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