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Where can I find the 941 form to print a copy

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QuickBooks Team

Where can I find the 941 form to print a copy

Hello, tinanelson60.


I have the steps on where you can find the 941 form to print. 


You'll want to go to the Archived forms page to find and print the 941 form. Here's how: 


  1. Go to Taxes, then click the Payroll Tax tab.
  2. Click View and print Archived forms under Quarterly Forms
  3. Choose Quarterly Tax Forms for the first drop-down menu, then select 941 for the second.
  4. Click and open the 941 form you want to print. 

You can also find the 941 form under the Quarterly Forms link. 




If you need more help pulling up your tax forms, you can check these articles:


Alternatively, you can call the IRS to get the 941 form you've already submitted. Click here to go to their contact details. 


Need help processing payroll or managing your taxes? Our articles are always available for you to view and read. You can go to our QuickBooks Online Payroll articles and topics page (more topics can be found at the bottom). 


I'll offer assistance again if you have concerns with your payroll service or QuickBooks Online in general. Post here and I'll reply as soon as possible. 

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