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Where do I find payroll for QB on an iPad?

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QuickBooks Team

Where do I find payroll for QB on an iPad?

I have the information you need, huntstotalelectric.


You can follow these steps to access payroll in your iPad:


  1. Sign in to the app using your QuickBooks user ID and password.
  2. Tap the menu ≡ icon, and go to Payroll.
  3. Select the pay schedule. Note: If a pay period is past a direct deposit deadline, you’ll be asked to sign in on a browser to change your employee’s pay method.
  4. Enter your employees’ hours. To see more options for an employee, select the small arrow next to the employee’s name. Tip: You can turn off PAY THIS EMPLOYEE to exclude an employee from this pay period.
  5. Tap Review after entering all the hours. Make sure the total net pay is accurate. If you want to update the hours, select Edit.
  6. Press Approve to process the payroll.
  7. Tap Done once you’re finished.

To view the recent paychecks, tap the menu ≡ icon, then go to Payroll. Select the employee name, then tap Recent Checks.


You can also read this article for more information about the process: Complete payroll tasks using QuickBooks Payroll for iPhone and iPad.


I'm always around if you have any additional questions or other concerns with QuickBooks Online Payroll. Take care and stay safe.

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