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Change TSheets schedule notifications and reminders


  • Clock in/out reminders and shift reminders function separately. One will not override the other.
  • Only administrators can set company-wide schedule reminders and notifications.
  • If notifications are set to send via both SMS and push, only a push notification will be sent to your mobile device.
  • If both SMS and push notifications are set, you will receive both types.

Available Reminders and Notifications

  • When assigned shift is published or changed: When an administrator or manager publishes a new shift, changes a shift, adds a note to a shift, or cancels a shift, you will receive immediate notification. (Example: "You have a new or updated shift on 2/20 at 8:00am.")
  • One hour before shift starts: You will receive a reminder that your shift starts in one hour. (Example: "Your shift at 8:00am is starting soon.")
  • Forgot to clock in after shift started: If you haven't clocked in five minutes after your shift started, you will receive a reminder to clock in. (Example: "Did you forget to clock in to your 8:00am shift?")
  • Forgot to clock out after shift ended: If you haven't clocked out five minutes after your shift ended, you will receive a reminder to clock out. (Example: Did you forget to clock out of your 8:00am-5:00pm shift?")



Notification Methods

Note: Push notifications contain the least amount of detail. Email notifications contain the most. You may choose to select more than one notification method.

  • Push: The recipient will receive a notification on their mobile device.
  • Email: The recipient will receive a notification in their email inbox.
  • Text: The recipient will receive a notification via text. (This option will only be available if an administrator has enabled it on a company account.)

How to Change Your Schedule Notifications and Reminders

On a Mobile Device

  • Tap More Settings Notification Settings
  • Tap which reminder you would like to change and then turn on/off the notification type

On a Computer

  • Select your name in the top right corner > select Profile
  • Select Notifications > Under SCHEDULE check o uncheck the notification type to the right of each reminder option.

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