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02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

I set up the payroll items for National Paid Leave as described in an article written by QB however, now that I need to prepare the second quarter 941, the fields for those items are not populating and I can't find any direction on lines 5a (i) or 5a (ii) from QB. The most recent article ( omits these lines.


Will there be an update to address the missing fields and amounts? Or is this something that I'll have to manually calculate?

QuickBooks Team

02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

It's possible that the current payroll update isn't installed on your company file yet, @Carol Garner.


This is the reason why the National Paid Leave amount isn't populating on lines 5a (i) or 5a (ii). However, we can reset the QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) update to apply the changes. This way, we can make sure that amount on these lines is populating.


Let me show you how: 


  1. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Check the box for Reset Update.
  3. Click Get Updates.


Once done, restart your computer and open QuickBooks. Then, download the payroll update. 


  1. Go to Employees menu and select Get Payroll Update.
  2. Click Download Latest Update.


In addition, you can run the Payroll Summary report in QBDT. This report will show the payroll items with a subtotal for net pay, plus all the company payroll taxes are shown by employees. Just go to Reports and select Employees & Payroll. Then, click Payroll Summary.


That's it! Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to be of assistance. Wishing you and your business continued success in all that you do. 

Level 2

02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

I do have the most current update, 22012 dated June 18, so that's not the issue. It appears that the sick and family leave wages populate through Worksheet 1. I'm not convinced that is the proper place for the wages to be reported. Is there a reason that the payroll items I set up (as explained in this QuickBooks set of instructions: don't track to the 941 line 5 a (i) or (ii)?



QuickBooks Team

02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

Hi there, Carol Garner,


I've got the steps to make the sick and family leave item appear on the 941 return.


You'll want to perform the following solutions outlined below to fix this:


Step 1: Turn off all anti-virus software.

Step 2: Update QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. Go to the Help menu in QuickBooks, select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click Reset Update, then Update now.

Step 3: Log out QuickBooks and restart your computer.


When you sign back in to QuickBooks, press F2 to see the version of the software. Having the latest update will give you the correct form and line 5a should show the correct amount.


See if you have the latest available release for your version:

If you're getting the same results, I recommend chatting our Support Team so they can further investigate this behavior.


Keep me posted if there's anything else you need by clicking the Reply button below. I'm always around to help.

Level 2

02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

Again - I have the most current update. It turns out the problem was because I had to run payroll before April 23 when you had a change to the set up of the payroll items for the FFRCA. I voided the check and reissued it with the updated items. 

QuickBooks Team

02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

Thanks for the details, @Carol Garner.


Let's ensure to turn off the anti-virus software. This may prevent some of the fields from populating on the 941 form: Turn off anti-virus for QuickBooks Desktop.


If the same thing happens, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Desktop Support Team. They have the tools to check your account and have this fix. Here's how:


  1. Click the Help menu, and then choose QuickBooks Desktop Help or press F1 in your keyboard.
  2. On the Have a Question? page, select Contact Us at the bottom.
  3. Enter your issue or question in the search box like "Some fields in form 941 aren't populating", and then hit Search.
  4. Select either Get a Callback or Start Messaging options.


Also, please check out the QuickBooks Desktop section of this article for our support hours. This is to ensure your issue gets addressed on time: Support Hours.

Then, you may want to print and save your form 941 so you have a copy on hand. You can explore the Print and save your forms section of this article for the steps: How to print form 941. 


I'm around in the Community if you need more help with payroll forms or anything else related to QuickBooks. Take care and stay safe always.

Level 1

02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

I too had the same issue with payroll before April 23, however most of my checks are direct deposit.  How do I correct those checks to correct my totals on the 941?

QuickBooks Team

02Q20 941 Qualified Sick and Family Leave

Hi, @KellyH1


Congrats on making your first post here in the Community. The best way to correct those checks that are direct deposit is by contacting our Customer Support Team. They have additional tools to help ensure that these checks are taken care of so that your totals on your 941 form are correct in the end. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Help menu. 
  2. Pick the QuickBooks Desktop Help
  3. Select Contact Us
  4. Type in your question and press Continue
  5. Scroll down and choose to Get a Callback


It's that easy. Should you need any further information, please let me know. Best wishes!

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