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FTE calculations for desktop

Is there any progress in developing an easier way to calculate FTE's?


Form posts of other users:

"The FTE calculation is by week which means that unless you want to supply 26 reports that are ridiculously huge , this is not a viable solution for PPP . I am dismayed that we cannot have a simple report- defined dates across the top, employees down the side and hours in the "cells".  The information is all present, just not readily available. It needs to be."


"PPP - FTE Report

Any plans for Intuit to release a report that calculates FTE for the different periods required for PPP forgiveness? I understand that I can run a payroll summary report and manually calculate, but it would be nice if there was a dedicated report that did the calculations instead of manually calculating. " 


Kendra H
QuickBooks Team

FTE calculations for desktop

Hello there, @AMARILLO.


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the Community. 


I can see how having a report that auto-calculates your employee's FTE would be beneficial for you and your business and help save time. Although this report isn't available in QuickBooks Desktop right now, our developers are continually improving the software based on suggestions like yours. I'll make sure to send this feedback to them on your behalf. In the meantime, I'd recommend checking out this article for more information on the reports currently available in QuickBooks Desktop  Understand Reports



Please know I'm always here to help if you have any more questions or concerns. Have a safe and productive week ahead!

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FTE calculations for desktop

Thank you for your quick response.  However, I find it highly disappointing and patronizing.  Feels like the answer is "we might work on that....sometime...maybe" and then I was given a pat on the head and sent away with "have a nice day".


There is no doubt that the new legislation regarding payroll is overwhelming.  For Everyone.  That puts a lot of pressure on your team.   It is also a lot of pressure on business owners who rely on your software.


There has been good work with the payroll items for COVID, I think.  I have not seen any instructions on how to use the items or even directions where to find them.  Tech support was zero, absolutely zero help on April 10th.  All they could do was read from their little sheet.  I can read the same instructions on my screen.  They could not think through the issue and understand any of the information going in or coming out.  I even have a priority circle person.  Her response was you might have to just wait or are you sure you were talking to the right people?  Well, I don't know.  I talked to people in payroll.  I have not tried since because I was/am so frustrated.  Pretty sure my blood pressure is up just writing this.


So I'm probably creating work for myself, because I track most of our COVID related leave by hand.  Also, PPP transactions.  Dollars work fine.  Quantity information is extremely difficult to compile for 200 employees.


The reference to Understanding Reports is laughable.  I'm a 25+ year QB user.  There are things I have not used.  However, reporting is not one of them.  Which report on that list would you, or other team members suggest I use to save me some precious time?  That was the whole point of asking.  I truly would welcome some instruction.


Hope you really do "send this feedback to them on your behalf."  Because I am NOT the only person in this boat.



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