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Connect your PandaDoc account with QuickBooks Online Advanced

SOLVEDby QuickBooks4Updated July 26, 2023

Learn how to connect your PandaDoc account to QuickBooks so you can customize estimates for your clients.

The PandaDoc Custom Templates Connector lets you connect PandaDoc to QuickBooks Online Advanced, so you can customize the forms you send to customers, and track the status of your documents in QuickBooks.


  • If you don’t have a PandaDoc account, you can sign up for an extended 30-day free trial, or subscribe right away for 15% off your first year with an annual plan for QuickBooks Advanced customers.
  • Only the QuickBooks company admin who sets up the app and connects to PandaDoc can send estimates for e-signature.

Get the PandaDoc app

Here’s how to get the app and set it up:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online Advanced as a company admin.
  2. Go to the Apps menu.
  3. Search for and select PandaDoc.
  4. On the app details page, select Get app now.
  5. If you already have a PandaDoc account, select Continue. If not, select Sign up to create your PandaDoc account. Then, back in QuickBooks, select Continue.
  6. Select Agree to give QuickBooks permission to send info (such as estimates, customer information, and customer relationship data) to your PandaDoc account.
  7. Follow the instructions to enter your PandaDoc email and password, and accept the requested permissions.
  8. Select the PandaDoc account you'd like to connect to using the dropdown menu, then select Continue.
  9. You'll see a screen confirming that the connection between QuickBooks and PandaDoc is successful.

Customize templates

Templates help you standardize what you send to your customers. QuickBooks sends the estimate data to PandaDoc where it's matched to the right variables. The variables that change automatically depending on the data from QuickBooks are highlighted yellow. Any yellow variable is customizable. To make sure your form data syncs with PandaDocs properly, don't edit anything highlighted blue.

QuickBooks offers four pre-built templates you can customize. Once you’ve customized a template to suit your business, you can use it as many times as you want.

Note: You can only customize and use the QuickBooks provided templates with this integration.

  1. In QuickBooks, select and open an estimate, or create a new estimate.
  2. Select the dropdown ▼ next to Save and send, then select Save and send with PandaDoc.
  3. Options to use one of four different estimate templates display. Select Edit on the template you'd like to customize.
  4. In PandaDoc, you can edit the document design and add or remove variables. For an example of how to add a variable, see the video in this article. Any changes made to your template, in PandaDoc, are saved automatically.
  5. When finished editing, return to QuickBooks where you’ll preview and send the document.

If you added a new variable to your template, you’ll be asked to choose a QuickBooks field to match with the PandaDoc variable at the time you send the document to your customer. QuickBooks sends the form data to PandaDoc, which displays it on the customer-facing document.

You can match new fields before sending the document in QuickBooks.

  1. Go to Apps.
  2. Select the My Apps tab.
  3. On the PandaDoc tile, select the Action drop down menu, then Export Settings.
  4. In the QuickBooks Transaction dropdown menu, select the transaction type.
  5. In the PandaDoc template dropdown menu, select the template name.
  6. Next, you’ll see QuickBooks field names and the PandaDoc fields they're matched with. Use the drop down menus to select a QuickBook field to match with any PandaDoc fields.
  7. Select Save and close.

Save and send estimates to clients

After editing your template, you are now ready to send the document to a client.

  1. In QuickBooks, open the estimate you want to send with PandaDoc.
  2. Select Save and send with PandaDoc.
  3. Select a template, then select Preview and send with PandaDoc. If needed, customers can add their e-signature to estimates you send with PandaDocs.
  4. PandaDoc opens in a new browser tab. Select Send document, then Send via email.

Track the status of your estimate

From QuickBooks, you can quickly jump to PandaDoc to check the status of an estimate you sent out for e-signature:

  1. In QuickBooks, open any estimate you've sent to a customer for e-signature.
  2. Select the Manage in PandaDoc link. the estimate opens in PandaDoc in a new browser tab. From there you can see all the status details.

If you need to, follow the steps to disconnect the app. If you disconnect from PandaDoc, you'll lose access to templates in QuickBooks, which include templates you’ve customized. However, you can still access them in PandaDocs.

If you disconnect, then reconnect, you’ll need to delete templates in PandaDoc. Otherwise, you’ll receive an error message when trying to use a template in QuickBooks.

The pre-built templates appear again in QuickBooks, but changes you’ve previously made to templates will be lost.

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