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Process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Learn how to process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

After you linked your company file to your QuickBooks Payments account, you can process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Dekstop for Mac.

If your account isn't linked yet to QuickBooks, connect your Payments Account to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


  • You can only process credit card payments in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. For refunds and returns, go to the Merchant Service Center.
  • Automatic recurring charge isn't available. You'll need to memorize the transaction so the invoice is created automatically for each cycle, then run the card manually.

Here's what you should know before processing a credit card payment in QuickBooks.

Ship within 24 hours

Per Visa and MasterCard association rules, don't charge the cardholder until you shipped the product.

Card-swiped transactions

For a card-swiped transaction, you'll swipe the credit card through a terminal or other device that reads the card's magnetic stripe.

If you can’t swipe the card (ex. a damaged card magnetic stripe), imprint the card and complete a sales slip. This proves that the card is present if a customer disputes a charge.

Key-entered transactions

For key-card transactions, your customer doesn't need their card to authorize the transaction. You can do this over the internet, by email, over the phone, or by similar means. This is what you need:

  • Customer’s name
  • Customer's address
  • Card number
  • Expiration date of the card

It's your responsibility to check for suspicious activities. The Merchant service also verifies the customer address you entered with the credit card bank records.

Process credit card payments

  1. Sign in to your company file that's linked to your Payments account.
  2. Go to Customers, then select Receive Payment to apply the payment to an invoice. If it’s a sales receipt, select Enter Sales Receipts.
  3. Enter the customer and transaction info, then select the credit card Payment Method (Pmt. Method).
  4. Select OK, Charge, or Save to process the transaction.
  5. If you select Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover, enter the credit card info in the displayed window, then select Process.

    Tip: This is where you can perform a Voice Authorization.

A pop-up window indicates whether the transaction is approved or declined.

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