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Enter opening balances for customer charge accounts

SOLVEDby QuickBooksQuickBooks Point of SaleUpdated 7 days ago

Follow one of the options below for entering an opening balance for an existing customer in QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop.

If you are NOT using QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software

Note: If the customer has a negative balance, enter the Opening Balance item and select Return Item immediately below the item.

  1. Create a new non-taxable non-inventory item named Opening Balance.
    1. From the Inventory menu, select New Item. The Add Inventory Item window opens.
    2. In the Enter Item Name field, type Opening Balance.
    3. From the Type drop-down, select Non-Inventory.
    4. From the Tax drop-down, select Non.
    5. Select Save.
  2. Create a new sales receipt and add the Opening Balance item to the receipt.
    1. From the Navigator screen, select Make a Sale.
    2. Select the Scan or enter item information drop-down and select the Opening Balance item.
    3. Enter the value of the customer's balance as the item's price.
    4. Enter the customer's name on the receipt and select Account.
    5. Accept the charge and complete the receipt normally.

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software

  1. Open your Company File in QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. From the Customers menu, select Customer Center.
  3. Select New Customer & Job and select New Customer.
  4. Create your new customer in QuickBooks Desktop and in the Opening Balance field, enter the customer's opening balance then select OK.User-added image
  5. Open your Company File in QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  6. From the Financial menu, select Update QuickBooks. Wait until the Financial Update is complete.
  7. From the Customers menu, select Customer List.
  8. The customer created in QuickBooks Desktop should now appear in your Customer List.
  9. Select the customer you created in your Point of Sale Customer list and select Edit
  10. The customer balance that was entered in QuickBooks Desktop will now appear in the Account Balance field.User-added image

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