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Fix common issues when you use and customize templates

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn how to fix common template issues in QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks comes with a variety of templates you can choose from. If you stumble into an issue while you use and customize templates, don't worry. We'll help you fix it.

There's a setting in QuickBooks that lets you print with or without borders. You can change this if the lines and borders show up on some forms, but not others.

  1. Go to File, then select Printer Setup.
  2. Select the Form ▼ dropdown, then select the appropriate form.
  3. In the Print On section, select Blank Paper.
  4. Uncheck Do not print lines around each field, then select OK.

If you send an invoice as a PDF and some fields aren't aligned, change the invoice font.

  1. Open an invoice.
  2. Go to the Formatting tab, select Customize Data Layout.
  3. Select Layout Designer.
  4. Select a field that has a bad text, then select Properties.
  5. Select Font, then change the font or adjust the size.
    Tip: The default font is Cambria. You can choose any font you want.
  6. Repeat this process for all fields where the text looks strange in the PDF, then select OK.
  7. Save an invoice as a PDF or email it to yourself to make sure it looks fine.

Typically, if you use a template on an invoice and you create another invoice, that regular template should show again. This setting should stay unless you change the template.

  1. Select Customers and then Create Invoices.
  2. Create a new test invoice, with a standard template.
  3. Select the Template ▼ dropdown menu.
  4. Select one of the Intuit templates listed.
  5. Enter Customer and Item details on the Invoice.
  6. Select Save and Close.
  7. Choose Customers then Create Invoices to see if the Intuit template option is now on the default selection.

If you changed the template and the new template doesn't show when you create another invoice, you may have a damaged template.

If you have a backup from the time that the customized template worked, you can restore it. If restoring a backup isn't a good option for you, you'll need to recreate your customized template.

When resizing the long text field using the Layout Designer, the long text field may disappear on all but the last page. Use a Text Box to enter the info you need.

  1. Open the invoice and select Formatting.
  2. Select Customize Data Layout.
  3. Select Layout Designer then Add and then select Text Box.
  4. Add the details that you need to show on all form.
  5. Resize the field to show all the information entered, then select OK to apply the changes.
  6. Select Print Preview to see how the text would appear on the form when printed.
  7. Close the Print Preview window and select OK.

If you get an error about a logo, remove the attached logo or image from the custom template you're trying to export.

  1. Open the company file that contains the template.
  2. Go to Lists, then select Templates.
  3. Select the template you like to export, then right-click Edit Template.
  4. In the Logo & Fonts area, uncheck Use Logo, then select OK.

You get this error when the form template you're trying to import has an issue or from a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop.

If you created a template in a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop but need the copy from the previous version, you need to recreate the template.

If you come across this error when you email, print, or save a form as PDF, the image may have an issue. To fix this, convert the image format using an image editing program.

  1. Go to List, then Templates.
  2. Double-click the template with the issue, then select Layout Designer.
  3. Remove the image, then select OK. Select OK again.
  4. Using a photo editing software (we recommend MS Paint), open the image.
  5. Save the image as a different image type. For example, change it to .JPG if the original image is .BMP.
  6. Back in QuickBooks, open the template and re-add the image using layout Designer. Customize and resize as needed.
  7. Try to email, save, or print again.

If the error persists, you may try this support article from Adobe Help Center.

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