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Reverse a sales receipt to correct a customer's name in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn how to correct the customer's name on a sales receipt after a credit card payment is processed.

If you added the wrong customer to a sales receipt, but the payment has not been processed, you can edit the name on the sales receipt directly.

However, if you added the wrong customer to a sales receipt, and processed the correct credit card, you need reverse the receipt. First, enter a refund to offset the incorrect sales receipt, then recreate the sales receipt for the correct customer without processing the card again.

This process keeps the original credit card transaction recorded and confirms that the credit card was billed for the correct customer. It also explains that there was an error with the incorrect customer. This helps keep your records accurate.

Step 1: Reverse the original sales receipt

  1. Go to + New, and select Refund receipt.
  2. Add the incorrect customer's name from the original sales receipt.
  3. Make sure the Refund Receipt Date is the date of when the credit card payment was processed.
  4. In Payment method, use Cash.
  5. In Refund From, select the bank account funds originally went to.
  6. If needed, uncheck Print later.
  7. In Check no., enter Reverse of Sales Rec.
  8. Enter the Product/Service used on the original Sales Receipt and the Amount.
  9. In Message displayed on refund receipt, add a clear explanation. For example, Reversal of Sales Receipt, correct credit card processed, but under incorrect customer name.
  10. Select Save and close.

After this step:

  • You'll see the original sales receipt in the incorrect customer register.
  • You'll also see the reversal of the sales receipt as a refund.

Step 2: Create a new sales receipt with the correct customer name

  1. Go to + New, and select Sales receipt.
  2. Add the correct customer's name.
  3. Make sure the Sales Receipt Date is the date of when the credit card payment was processed.
  4. In Payment method, select Cash. This is so you don't process the customer's credit card again.
  5. Fill in the sales receipt with the data that the original sales receipt contained.
  6. In Message displayed on sales receipt, add a clear explanation. For example, the credit card was originally processed through incorrect customer - [incorrect customers name].

After this step, you'll see a sales receipt and income under the correct customer name.

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