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What's new in QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024

by Intuit Updated 9 months ago

Learn what’s new in QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024.

QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 introduces several features to help automate and streamline your daily accounting tasks.

Here’s what’s included in the QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 release and how you can use them to benefit your business.

Data security is our highest priority. Your data will now be encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256 bit encryption. When you upgrade your data to QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024, the passwords for all the non-admin users will be removed. As the admin you’ll need to set a new temporary password for your users. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Company and select Users and Passwords.
  2. Select each non-admin user one at a time, then select Edit.
  3. Enter a new password and select Save.

When your users log in they’ll need to enter the new temporary password. After log in they’ll be prompted to change their temporary password to a permanent one.

We’ve added 12 new Ship to and Name address report columns and filters to multiple reports. You can now run reports to include these new fields and filter by them to give you insights into your data by location. 

Here are the new fields and filters:

Ship To:

New FieldsNew Filters
Ship To Address 1Ship To Address 1
Ship To Address 2Ship To Address 2
Ship To CityShip To City
Ship To StateShip To State
Ship To ZipShip To Zip


New FieldNew Filter
Name ContactName Contact
Name AddressName Address
Name Street1Name Street1
Name Street2Name Street2
Name CityName City
Name StateName State
Name ZipName Zip

We also made it easier to adjust column widths in your reports. When you adjust column widths those changes are auto saved in the report. You can also lock columns so the width can't be changed once you set it.

You can now see your sales by state with the new Sales by Ship To Address report. You can go to Reports, then Sales and then Sales by Ship To Address to tun the new report.

We’ve made it easy to update item prices and adjust quantity/value on hand. Here’s what’s new:

Change Item Prices

  • Change the prices on multiple items at once.
  • Sort by any column header.
  • Change prices with a flat rate or a percentage.

Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand

  • Sort by any column header.
  • Adjust quantity and value in one screen at the same time.

Beginning in QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024, you can view your data for up to 1 year after your subscription ends. You won’t be able to edit your data during this time, but you can renew your subscription or try QuickBooks Online.

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