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Pick tab in Sales Order Fulfillment

SOLVEDby QuickBooks1Updated May 08, 2023

The Pick, Pack, and Ship is a new product enhancement feature in QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0 that allows you to track sales order fulfillment progress. The single Dashboard for pick, pack, and ship status increases speed and accuracy in order fulfillment.

Before you use Pick, Pack, and Ship
  • Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet must be enabled in the Advanced Inventory Settings. For details, see Create a sales order.
  • For paired devices, you need to have connected at least 1 supported mobile barcode scanner or Android device. To know more, see Set up and use of my warehouse mobile barcode scanner, to link your device to the company file.
  • If you are not using a mobile scanner, you need to update the pick information manually.

Access the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the same as the QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0 Orders worksheet. Invoices orders and non-inventory orders do not display on the Dashboard.

  1. From the Customers menu, go to Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet.
  2. Select Dashboard.

Pick Tab

The Pick tab lets you view and manage your pick lists. You can filter pick lists and sales orders by site, status, and picker.

  1. On the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet, select the Pick tab.
  2. Select the checkbox that indicates the order to be picked from the Sales Order list, then Next.
  3. Select Send to Device (mobile for paired devices only) or Print Picklist (for the manual process).
  4. Select items to pick by following the prompts for the mobile or manual process.


The mobile device must be paired with the company account.

Status Updates

Once your picklists are created, you can track real-time status from the warehouse on the Pick tab. As soon as there is an update from the warehouse via the mobile scanner, you will see an orange arrow notification indicating a picklist update.

Just select the sales order(s), then select Update sales order. This will update the sales order status to the latest status. If there are any exceptions such as serial number mismatch, or an incorrect number of items picked, the system will prompt you with an appropriate message.

Manual Updates

If you are not using a mobile scanner, you need to update the pick information manually.

  1. Double-click on the desired picklist.
  2. Update the quantity picked for each item.
  3. Select Update sales order.
    Note: The sales order status will be updated to Picked or Partially picked.

You’ll receive a confirmation advising that you can now start the packing process from the Dashboard if the sales order status is "Picked" or "Partially picked."
Important: If you don’t use a separate pack process, you can go straight to the Ship process.

Actions available from the table on this page include:

  • View picklist
  • Print picklist
  • Print packing slip (only shows if picklist status is updated). The packing slip will show the latest quantity picked.

Delete Pick Lists

You can delete a sales order to delete the pick lists associated with it. Here's how:

  1. Delete the sales order with the picklists you want to delete.
  2. On the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet, select the pick list to delete.
  3. Select Actions then View Pick List.
  4. Select Update Sales Order.

The pick list will be removed. You'll need to repeat steps 2 thru 3 for all pick lists associated with the deleted sales order.

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