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Set up your B2B Commerce store

SOLVEDby QuickBooksQuickBooks OnlineUpdated November 14, 2022

Learn how to set up your B2B store in QuickBooks Commerce.

QuickBooks Commerce is no longer available for purchase as a stand-alone product.
The features referred to in this article are only relevant for customers who still have QuickBooks Commerce bundled with their QuickBooks Online subscription.
If you want to learn more about e-commerce accounting features that are part of QuickBooks Online, check out Accounting for e-commerce FAQ.

Your B2B store is a one-stop marketplace for wholesale products. Reach new customers and increase your sales when you set up and organize your B2B store. Here’s how.

If you haven’t imported any products during your account setup, create products in your QuickBooks Commerce account.

To make sure that your B2B store functions properly, set up your B2B store settings.

Go to B2B Commerce, then select Settings. You can find the following settings in the Overview column:

Store URL (Your store’s unique web address) - Specifies your B2B store’s web location.

Tip: Your store URL depends on your QuickBooks Commerce account. If you want to change the email address displayed in your store, go to Settings ⚙, then select Company details in the YOUR COMPANY column.

Stock Location Fallback - Use this for customers who don't have a default warehouse location.
Expand Customer's B2B Order History View to include non-B2B Orders - Show complete order history from all sales channels.
OrdersOrder Status - Set the status of your sales orders.
Require SKU Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on B2B Sales Orders - Require your customers to meet a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on B2B sales orders.
Send order confirmation email - Select this if you want customers to receive order confirmation through email.
Pricing, Tax, and ShippingTax Treatment - Use this to override your tax treatment for your B2B store.
Price List Fallback - Use this for customers who don’t have a default price list.
Allow customers to request an optimal delivery date - Select this if you want your customers to request a delivery date for their orders upon checkout.
Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) - Show a recommended retail price of your products.
PaymentsCheckout payment options - Select which payment option customers can use upon checkout.

Select Connect to QuickBooks Payments to accept online payments on your B2B store.
Maintenance ModeEnable Maintenance Mode - Temporarily make your store inaccessible to customers.
Message for your visitors - Customize the message your customers see when they visit your store that is under maintenance. 

Select Save changes to save your settings.

To customize your B2B store, select Visit your B2B store. From the Menu (☰), you can upload your logo, change the theme, display your featured products, and so on.

To get a potential wholesale customer, send an invite to your business consumers. When your customer receives an invite in the email address linked to their details, they can select Accept invitation.

Tip: If you want other customers to have access to your B2B store, you can turn on the request access feature.

Once your customers accept the invite, they’ll create an account in your B2B store. When signing in, here are a few reminders:

  • If a customer signs in with another customer from the same company, the other customer won’t see the products in the cart.
  • If a customer signs in using two different browsers simultaneously, the products placed in one browser's cart will not show up in the other cart.

Here’s how your customers can browse products and order through your B2B store.

Tip: If your customers are frequent buyers of the same products, they can go to the Order History tab, browse the set of items they want to repurchase, then select Re-Order.

  1. In the PRODUCTS tab, browse the available products.
  2. Select the ORDER NOW ▼dropdown.
    Tip: Your customers can filter your product catalog to search for your products easier. They can:
  3. Enter the quantity of the variant/s to order.
  4. Select Add to Order. Once added, the status changes to “In Order”.
  5. Once the items are complete, select Confirm Order.
    • If a product they added to the cart is no longer available, they won’t be able to proceed with the checkout. They need to remove the product from the cart.
    • If there's a promo code, select the Add a promo code ▼ dropdown, enter the promo code, then select APPLY.
  6. Select GO TO CHECKOUT.
  7. Verify the delivery address, then select CONFIRM ORDER.
  8. Select Submit Order. The customer receives an order confirmation email.

To view the order’s invoice, open the order confirmation email and select VIEW AND DOWNLOAD ORDER. Then, select PRINT or DOWNLOAD to save a copy.

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