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Match payment methods between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Commerce

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated November 15, 2022
QuickBooks Commerce is no longer available for purchase as a stand-alone product.
The features referred to in this article are only relevant for customers who still have QuickBooks Commerce bundled with their QuickBooks Online subscription.
If you want to learn more about e-commerce accounting features that are part of QuickBooks Online, check out Accounting for e-commerce FAQ.

Learn how to match payment methods between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Commerce.

Match the payment methods you use between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Commerce. This helps you track your customers' payments and avoid invoices with mismatched payment methods. Invoices with mismatched payment methods will have an empty payment type. These invoices automatically sync to QuickBooks Online with your default payment ledger account.

Step 1: Check the payment methods in WooCommerce

The payment methods you have in WooCommerce are the basis of what you should have in QuickBooks Commerce. Here's how to view the list.

Note: If you have two PayPal accounts, like PayPal US and PayPal AUD, the payment method you'll see is only PayPal. This is because PayPal always shows as one payment method, regardless of the currency you use.

  1. Sign in to WooCommerce with your WordPress account.
    Note: If you haven’t yet, here’s how you can download and install the WooCommerce plug-in to WordPress.
  2. Select WooCommerce.
  3. Select Settings, then select Payments.

Step 2: Check the payment methods in QuickBooks Commerce

Now that you’ve checked the payment methods in WooCommerce, match them to QuickBooks Commerce accordingly. This makes sure that the payment method your customer uses in WooCommerce matches the payment type on the invoice in QuickBooks Commerce.

Note: WooCommerce’s payment methods aren’t case-sensitive. Dashes and underscores become spaces. For example, Credit Card in QuickBooks Commerce would match a payment method called credit-card, credit card, or Credit Card.

  1. Go to Settings ⚙, then select Configuration.
  2. Select the Payment Methods tab. This shows the current payment methods you have.

If the payment method you want to match with WooCommerce isn’t on the list, select New Payment Method. Enter a name for the payment method, then select Create.

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