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Set up a cash advance repayment deduction

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn how to set up an advance repayment item in QuickBooks Payroll so your employee can pay you back.

Did you loan your employee some money to tide them over until payday? You can set up a deduction item on their paycheck to get the money back.  

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QuickBooks Online Payroll

  1. Go to Payroll , then select Employees (Take me there).
  2. Select your employee.
  3. From Deductions & contributions, select Start or Edit.
  4. Select + Add deduction/contribution.
  5. From the dropdown menu, add the following:
    • Deduction/contribution type: Other taxable deductions
    • Type: Cash Advance Repayment
    • Description: Add a deduction name, such as Cash Advance Repayment.
  6. Select Flat amount
  7. Enter the amount to deduct from your employee’s paycheck.
  8. If you need to collect the advance over more than one paycheck, enter the total amount owed in the Annual maximum field.
  9. When finished, select Save.

Note: when your employee is done paying back the advance, don’t forget to remove the amount from the item so it doesn’t keep collecting. 

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

  1. Go to Employees, then select Employee Center
  2. Double-click your employee. 
  3. Select Payroll Info
  4. From Additions, Deductions, and Company Contributions, select inside the Item name column. 
  5. Select Add new
  6. Select Deduction, then Next.
  7. Enter a name, such as Cash advance repayment. 
  8. Select Next until you get to Gross vs. Net.
  9. Select net pay. Select Next
  10. If you need to collect the advance over more than one paycheck, enter the amount to deduct per paycheck in the first field. Enter the total amount of the advance in the 2nd field.  Otherwise, leave these fields blank. You can add the one-time amount to the item on your employee’s paycheck. 
  11. Select Finish, and then select OK.
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