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Employee Pay Adjustments History Report

SOLVEDby QuickBooksQuickBooks Desktop Payroll3Updated over 1 year ago

The new Employee Pay Adjustments History report is available in QuickBooks 2018 and later. It tracks the employees' pay rate changes over a period of time. It highlights the changes in the Earnings items in the paychecks where those changes came into effect. These changes can mean adjustments to the following:

    • Rate of an hourly payroll item
    • Annual rate of a salary payroll item
    • Rate of a commission payroll item
    • Rate of a bonus payroll item

The report does not track the overall sum paid to the employee, but strictly the rate of Earnings payroll item paid to an employee.

Access the report

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, go to Reports > Employees & Payroll > Employees Pay Adjustments History.
  2. Click OK on the pop-up message.

Payroll Items

This report features changes to the rate of the Earnings items in the paycheck such as Salary, Hourly, Bonus, and Commission. By default, if there's a change in at least one of the Earnings items in the paycheck, or when there is a new baseline payroll item type added, all of the Earnings items in that paycheck will be featured in the report to avoid thinking that there are missing payroll items on the report that were there on the actual paycheck.

Fields in the report

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  • Pay Period - The period in which the work was performed.
  • Paycheck Date - The date on the paycheck.
  • Payroll Item - The specific pay item (hourly, salary, vacation, etc).
  • Previous Rate - The rate the employee was last paid for this payroll item. For salary payroll items, the rate is always annualized.
  • Current Rate - The rate the employee is paid currently for this payroll item. For salary payroll items, the rate is always annualized.
  • % Change - The percentage difference between the previous rate and the current rate for this payroll item.
  • Amount Paid - The actual amount paid to the employee against this payroll item for this period.
  • Memo - The memo text from the paycheck.
  • Notes - Report legend for any values as NA or as Baseline rate on the report. Values will be marked NA under the following circumstances:
    • If there is more than one rate for a payroll item for the same date(s).
    • If the period of Salary item is undefined and annualized salary cannot be calculated i.e. pay period is not a standard defined period like weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.
    • Alternately, a rate will be marked as a Baseline rate for the first instance of each payroll item in the defined report period per employee.

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