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Use and manage Time Clock in Point of Sale

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Time Clock provides a way to track employee hours worked. Employees can use it to clock in and out to begin and end their work shifts. Managers can use Time Clock tools and reports to review and edit time clock records.

Time Clock Menus

The following are time clock menus used to manage time clock entries in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale:

Clock in/out

Hourly-wage employees should clock in and out to begin and end their work shift.

  1. From the Employees menu, select Clock In/Out.
  2. Click the Enter user name drop-down and select the user name.
  3. Enter your password (if required).
  4. Click Clock In or Clock Out, as appropriate.


  • If the Hourly checkbox is selected on the employee record, the employee will be prompted to clock in when logging in to QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. Answering Yes clocks you in without having to open the Clock In/Out window.
  • When requiring logins, clocking in/out is independent of logging in/out (other than as covered in Note 1). The ability of an employee to clock in/out is not affected by who is currently logged in.
  • An employee stays clocked in until clocked out, even if QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale or the computer is shut down.

Manage time clock

The Manage Clocked-in Employees window displays the name, clock in time, and elapsed time for each employee that is currently clocked in. The window allows an employee with adequate rights to view and, if necessary, clock out and adjust the time worked. This is particularly useful if an employee has forgotten to clock out when leaving.

To view employees currently clocked-in:

  1. From the Employees menu, select Manage Clocked-In Employees.
  2. The window is displayed with clocked-in employees listed.
  3. Select an employee name from the list.
  4. If necessary, select Clock Out.

When asked if you want to modify the hours for this employee. Answer Yes or No. If yes, the time entry is opened in Time Clock history for editing.

Time clock history

Your Time Clock history is very similar to other lists in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. It displays a listing of Time Clock entries for your hourly employees for a specified time period. Each entry in history is comprised of one clock in/clock out sequence.

  • Both open and closed entries are displayed. An open entry is one where an employee has clocked in but has not yet clocked out; therefore the Clock Out and Elapsed time fields are empty.
  • Open entries are reflected on Time Clock reports, but not sent to Headquarters( in a multi-store setup)during End of Day exchanges.
  • Time entries can be viewed, edited, copied, or deleted, and new entries can be made (subject to security rights).
  • When filtering the list by the default date ranges (Today, Yesterday, etc.), records are displayed based on the clock-in date. To see records based on other criteria, set up a custom filter or choose to display all entries.
  • With the list collapsed (Select Collapse at the top if necessary), the selected employee's time clock detail is displayed on the bottom of the right-side information panel.
  • You can quickly run one of the Time Clock reports by selecting it from the I Want To menu.
  • If sending time records to your QuickBooks Desktop financial software, once sent they can no longer be edited in Point of Sale.

Time Clock processes

You may need the following processes when using the time clock entry in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale:

Correct a Time Clock Entry

If you have sufficient security rights, you can edit the entries in your Time Clock history until they have been sent to your QuickBooks Desktop financial software.

Multi-store Exception: Time clock entries can be edited at a remote store only until they have been sent to Headquarters.

To edit a time clock entry:

  1. From the Employees menu, select Time Clock History.
  2. Use normal list procedures to locate and select the entry that needs correcting.
  3. From the toolbar, click Edit Entry.
  4. Make the necessary changes then click Save.


  • If you edit date or time fields, the Elapsed time will automatically update.
  • If you edit the elapsed time, the Clock Out date/time will automatically update.

Generate time clock reports

There are three Time Clock reports available.

  • Time Clock Summary: Summarizes total hours clocked-in by employee for the selected time period.
  • Time Clock Detail: A more detailed listing of employee hours, including clock in/out dates and times.
  • Weekly Time Sheet: Day-by-day employee hours for a full week. Starting day of the week can be changed to meet your payroll model. This report is formatted similarly to the Weekly Time sheet in your QuickBooks Desktop financial software.

You can access these reports through:

  • Employees category of the Reports menu or Report Center
  • From the I Want To menu in your Time Clock History list.

Send employee time entries to QuickBooks Desktop

If you use Time Clock in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale to record employee hours worked, the time entries can be sent to your QuickBooks Desktop financial software for payroll purposes. A corresponding time record is created in QuickBooks Desktop for each time entry recorded in POS.

To send employee hours to QuickBooks Desktop

  1. From the File menu, select Preferences then click Company.
  2. In The Company Preferences screen, select Financial from the left pane then click the Send employee hours worked to QuickBooks using payroll item checkbox.
    The default payroll item used is Regular Hours. You can change this selection to any hourly payroll item already set up in your QuickBooks Desktop financial software. If time worked needs to go to a different payment item than selected (overtime for example), you will have to modify the time entry in QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Run Financial Exchange.


  • Once the time records are sent to QuickBooks Desktop, they can no longer be edited in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.
  • If they don't exist yet, Point of Sale creates employee records in QuickBooks Desktop in order to post time records. If you have two employees with identical first and last name it will be differentiated in QuickBooks Desktop by appending an incrementing number in curly brackets to the last name, i.e., Joe Shmoe and Joe Shmoe {2}. QuickBooks Desktop ignores the curly brackets (and anything inside) when printing the employee name.
  • (Multi-Store) If time records come from multiple stores with identical first and last names, Point of Sale assumes they are for the same employee. If they are two separate employees, differentiate them in Point of Sale in either the first or last name fields.
  • Point of Sale does not send tip or commission information to QuickBooks Desktop for payroll purposes. This information is available in Point of Sale reports.
  • If you are on an earlier version of QuickBooks Desktop, your time entries are not sent. However, the Time Clock Weekly Summary report in Point of Sale is formatted the same as the employee Weekly Time sheet available in QuickBooks Desktop, allowing you to quickly transpose your time worked information for payroll processing.

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