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Recent changes, improvements, and fixes in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0

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The following changes, improvements and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0.

Unless otherwise noted, these changes apply to all editions of Point of Sale -- Point of Sale Basic, Point of Sale Pro, and Point of Sale Multi-Store.

Release 15 (R15)

  • Implemented improvements to EMV Card processing, related to processing interruptions.
  • Intuit Payments account results will display active Merchants accounts, designed for use in QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Resolved an issue where QBPOS was reflecting error "Your payments account token is invalid" when processing credit cards transactions, after signing into a Payments account.
  • Resolved an issue where the Workstation Preference, EMV Debit Setting, was not immediately applied when changed.
  • Resolved an issue where PIN Pad test for IPP350 would fail when swiping an EMV chip card.
  • Resolved an issue where Mobile Sync was returning "User does not have proper permissions to execute requested function".
  • Implemented non-customer facing updates to Store Exchange.
  • Resolved an issue where QBPOS was generating an Access Violation error every 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Implemented program logic to ensure QuickBooks Point of Sale does not freeze while:
    • changing/saving a preference
    • processing a credit/debit transaction
    • after clicking one of the save buttons in Make a Sale
    • trying to sign in after completing a transaction
  • Point of Sale will only display active Merchant accounts in results
Mobile Sync
  • Improved Mobile Sync efficiency when retrieving sales and uploading inventory
  • Improved handling of EMV debit transactions.
  • Resolved Payments Error: "We couldn't process this card. Please re-enter the card details and try again."
  • Improved handling of EMV debit transactions.
  • An error will no longer be received while processing after updating your PIN Pad.
  • PIN Pad reboot times can now be scheduled within Point of Sale to minimize the impact to your business.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • All payments processed in Point of Sale will now have a corresponding receipt saved in sales history.
  • Improved how declined EMV Debit transactions are processed.
  • Point of Sale will no longer freeze when signing into a payments account in the Setup Interview.
  • The Batch Close time menu option has been corrected to work as intended.
  • Improvement has been made to payments account login screen size.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • Point of Sale will now show the correct spelling on printed receipts for Pin Debit transactions.
Mobile Sync
  • Resolved "Bad Request" syncing errors.
  • Point of Sale will now correctly display the card type on transactions imported from Go Payment.
  • Point of Sale will no longer delete items that were deleted from Go Payment when doing a Mobile Sync.
  • An EMV Debit preference is now available and enabled by default, making it easier to process chip debit cards.
Mobile Sync
  • After performing a mobile sync, items that are non-taxable will no longer appear as taxed in POS.
  • Resolved Bad Request and Receipt syncing errors.
  • Resolved issues with syncing images.
  • An Access Violation message will no longer display when recording an offline credit card transaction.
  • Transactions that fail EMV processing in GoPayments, will not be used for mobile sync as they are a failed transaction.
  • Point of Sale will now be able to take in additional Cardholder Verification Methods (CVMs) like PIN to our existing CVMs, like signature capture.
  • Simplified the Gift Card service activation using single click option in the Setup Interview tab for Gift Cards.
  • Added a new user guide with updated 60-day support for v18.
  • Enhanced security with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale V18 with strict compliance for TLS 1.2
  • Point of Sale will now update a database seamlessly without error 195.
  • Freezing will no longer happen for large database company files resulting in a "Point of Sale got stuck" message.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • When performing a mobile sync, items with a non-taxable tax code will no longer set to a taxable tax code.
  • When importing items, Reorder Point values will now import correctly.
  • POS will now reflect the requested filter results correctly, when a user switches the filter option with customer order transactions.
  • Point of Sale will now print the correct Sales Order after changing the status of a Sales Order.
  • Point of Sale will now show the correct available quantity and the status of the Sales Order.
  • Point of Sale will now be able to display correct order quantity after modifying the bill to/ship to address on a Purchase Order.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • Customer history will now correctly display the 100 most recent sales receipts, instead of the 100 oldest sales receipts.
  • Point of Sale will no longer freeze while logging in.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • Point of Sale will no longer cause a delay when choosing customers with large history on the "Make a Sale" screen as well as "Edit Customer" screen. The history section in the "Edit Customer" screen will now show the recent 100 transactions. For the entire transaction history, users can go to "Reports" or "Sales History" to get the full history of the customer.
  • Editing a sales order will no longer cause an issue with incorrect calculations on the available quantity of inventory.
  • Added explanation to Learn More link in customer history for change to receipt history displayed.
  • Resolved an issue where processing credit cards would not function completely due to Point of Sale not being run as Admin in Windows.
  • Resolved an issue when signing into Merchant Services login without an email login.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • Point of Sale will no longer freeze when taking a deposit for a Sales Order.
  • Resolved an issue where reorder points did not create a purchase order.
  • Resolved the delay when opening the Make a Sale screen.
  • There is no longer a delay when editing a customer with large historical data.
  • Adding a customer to a receipt will no longer cause a delay when adding that customer.
Employees and Security
  • Manager Override dialog now displays only users with the correct permission.

What's important about Release 3?

Point of Sale is introducing changes to the security of your merchant services that will require authentication of your payments account periodically. This increase in security is the current industry standard. For more information on this please see our detailed article on the changes.

  • Point of Sale is increasing security around your merchant account to meet the current industry standards. You will now be required to verify your credentials periodically to keep your merchant account secure.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • Associates and Assistant Managers will no longer see Cost listed as Price when searching for or scanning an item onto a Sales Receipt, in Quick Pick Items or Receiving Voucher.
  • Filters set for Quick Pick Items will remain in place after making edits to any QuickPick Items.

What's important about Release 1?

  • Use on Tablet PC
  • Easier Navigation
  • Additional supported hardware
  • Easier access to important customer information
  • Point of Sale is now compatible with Microsoft Surface® Pro with touchscreen and a modern look for your store. Microsoft Surface® Pro* is specifically designed to work with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0. Note that when used in tablet mode, POS works on landscape mode only.
  • Enhanced Navigation allows access to important information in fewer taps/clicks.
  • Additional Tag Printer and Physical Inventory Scanner* were made sure to work with the new software.
Sales, Purchasing, and Items
  • When ringing up a sale, important customer information is now readily available on the Make a Sale screen.

*Recommended but NOT sold by Intuit

This notice is provided as a convenience for our customers and is not intended to supplement, modify, or extend the Intuit software license agreement between Intuit and the customer for any Intuit product or service.

Product updates can be downloaded through the program or from this site.

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