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Resolve failed recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Understand and fix failed recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online.

There are instances when recurring transactions fail due to outdated banking or customer information. Learn how to update recurring transactions to fix them.

If you haven’t yet, create a recurring transaction in QuickBooks Online.

If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop you can:

Understand failed recurring transactions

When a QuickBooks Online recurring transaction fails to process a credit card or bank transfer (ACH) payment, you’ll receive a banner on the QuickBooks Online dashboard.

This leads you to the Credit Card Processing Errors page. You can also reach it through https://app.qbo.intuit.com/app/masfailures after you've logged into your QuickBooks Online account.

Note: If the error type is Connection failed or Not processed yet, no action is necessary. Failed recurring transactions with these errors need not be reprocessed.

Update or delete recurring transactions

Update the recurring transactions or delete them so you can create a new one. Here’s how you can update them by going directly to your customer’s sales receipt:

1. Go to Sales, then select Customers.

2. Select the customer's name.

3. Select Transaction List, then select the sales receipts you want to review.

Here are some of the actions that you can do and what they mean:

ActionWhat the action lets you do
EditChange the customer's credit card information or other details of the transaction. After making changes, try to process the card again.
Edit TemplateMake changes to the source recurring template.
Try AgainTry to process transactions again without any changes.
DeleteCompletely remove transactions from your books.
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