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Prepare your e-commerce system for integration with OneSaas

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

Learn how to prepare your e-commerce system for integration.

When you connect your e-commerce system to QuickBooks Connector (OneSaas), there are a few things you can do to ensure a successful integration. Learn more about this here.


You'll need to set up any Tax in your shop first. We'll be reading sales data as directly reported to us by your store.

Note: We recommend consulting with a tax professional or an accountant for your best options, plus any applicable laws in your state, country, or business.

Products and variants

Make sure all your products and variants have unique SKUs/product codes setup. If you already have the same products in another system you’re connecting to, product codes should match corresponding products between systems.

Note: There are some e-commerce apps that don’t have SKU fields.

For eBay items, we use the Custom Label field when we match the accounting SKU field as specified here.

For OpenCart items, we use the Model field when we match the accounting SKU field.

If the source system detects that there’s no SKU or item code, QuickBooks Connector will automatically generate one. Due to this, some e-commerce products may not match with the destination system, and thus affect stock sync.

Customer data

Make sure all your customer data is correct, as we'll be using the customer name and email to match between systems to prevent duplicate data.

Third-party extensions

QuickBooks Connector is specifically built and tested to work with standard store setups, and not for a store with any third-party extensions like POS, coupons, or rewards points. Even so, we've seen customers use third-party extensions and integrate successfully, so we recommend testing how this works. Reach out to QuickBooks Connector support for us to test out any potential issues, or to let you know if we aren’t able to work with your extension.

Custom fields

QuickBooks Connector generally works with your standard e-commerce fields. If you're using any custom fields, our integration may not work for you. We still recommend testing this out and to contact our support for help in working out if QuickBooks Connector is right for you.

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