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Discontinuation (Disco) of Intuit Sync Manager

SOLVEDby QuickBooksQuickBooks Enterprise SuiteUpdated April 23, 2021

Due to technology improvements, Intuit has made the decision to discontinue Intuit Sync Manager. There are other solutions available and we have been working with developers so you can continue to use your applications without Sync Manager.

What is Intuit Sync Manager?

Intuit Sync Manager is one of the methods used that securely syncs your QuickBooks company file data with 3rd party applications and some internal add on services such as recurring payments.

When will Sync Manager no longer be available?

  • On March 1st, 2016, 3rd party applications (i.e., non-Intuit)  will no longer have access to Sync Manager. The majority of 3rd party developers have provided or are in the process of providing a solution for you to continue to use their app. Review list below for solution and 3rd party contact information.
  • Effective May 31, 2016 Intuit Sync Manager for Desktop will no longer be available for Intuit applications.


Applications not impacted at this time:

  • Apps that use Web Connector
  • Intuit Data Protect (IDP)
  • Field Service Management (FSM)
  • Intuit 1099 e-file service, there is no impact this tax season and next tax season it will seamlessly work for all of our tax clients.
  • Recurring Payments (Rebill)
    • While Sync Manager was discontinued May 31st, 2016, the functionality is still available for recurring payments for QuickBooks Desktop 2014 and 2015 as well as QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 14 and 15.
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 16 will need to be updated to release R7 (or later) to make use of the new recurring payments functionality that does not utilize Sync Manager.



Why are we discontinuing Sync Manager?

Sync Manager is not using the latest technology. As we continue to increase the number of online applications available to customers, we want to ensure we have the latest and greatest technology. This creates more opportunity for developers and a better customer experience.

How do I get my data?

Your data does not change. It will no longer sync between QuickBooks and the application after March 1, 2016.

Whom should I contact to see if my app is impacted?

If your app is affected, you may have already received an email from your app developer. If you are not sure, contact your developer. We have provided a list of developers and their contact information to help you contact them.

App NameDeveloper
(Company Name)
Is my app affected?Will my app
continue to work?
What is my app
going to use to connect
to QuickBooks?
Who do I contact
for support?
Support Phone #
Intuit 1099 efile serviceYesYesSDK Solution
1stPay qSyncGoEmerchantContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite888 417 8729
3PointDataYesYesSDK SolutionAlready MigratedN/A
AbacusYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite
Add BillsThe Neat CompanyContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite
Add ContactsThe Neat CompanyContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite
AffinityLiveAffinityLiveYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite800 425 7315
AgileShip SEAgile NetworkContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite866 686 2445
AgilironAgilironContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite855 244 5476
Anytime CollectAnytime CollectContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite440 352 4700
AppJobNimbusJobNimbusContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact Developer
B2B & Rep Portal and CRM for QuickBooks - Crik-ITCrik-ITYesYesOtherWebsite
BigTimeBigTime Software, Inc.YesYesContact DeveloperWebsite312 446 4646
BlueVineBluevine Capital Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite888 505 3149
Mobile Invoice NOW Pro for AndroidMobile Route SoftwareContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite888 900 5667
BodeTreeBodeTree, LLCYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite888 220 1278
BuilderTRENDBuilderTRENDYesContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite877 309 0368 ext. 3
Cloud Cart ConnectorJMA Web TechnologiesYesYesContact DeveloperWebsite781 330 0737
Co-constructCo-constructYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite800 213 3392
Commerce SyncCommerce SyncYesYesContact DeveloperWebsite855 628 4097
Concur Travel and ExpenseConcurYesYesWeb ConnectorEmail: QBDsupport@concur.com888 811 2036
CorelyticsCorelyticsContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite425 533 0403
Dashboards+Sync for QuickBooks and Microsoft CRM OnlineLiving Business Online Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite214 904 0401
DemandForceIntuit Inc.YesYesContact DeveloperWebsite
DegreeDaysOnlineContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite800 613 0811
Direct Mail ManagerContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite866 571 3111
Easy-CommissionCellarStone Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite650 242 0008
Epicom's QuickBooks Integration for SugarCRMEpicomYesNoNoWebsite512 481 9000
Exact OnlineExact OnlineYesNoNoWebsite855 359 9256
expex, incExpex, Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite
FACTS ConnectorContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact Developer
FG Receivables ManagerFunding GatesYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite888 370 6026
Field PromaxService Manager PlusYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite952 679 8900
Franchisor ForceYesNoNoWebsite
FundboxFundboxYesYesSDK Solution
Handshake Integration for QuickBooks for WindowsMuleSoftYesYesNo855 532 9044
Insightsquared SyncInsightSquaredYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite617.370.8100
inSitu SalesInsitu MobileContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite866 577 2270
IntermediaIntermediaContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite800 379 7729 Option 3
Intuit Full Service Payroll Job CostingIntuit IncYesNoNo
IQ resellerIQ resellerContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite952 974 5750
JobberJobberYesNoNoWebsite888 721 1115
JobNimbusJobNimbusContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite85 5965
JobPro Integration for QuickBooksJobPro TechnologiesYesYesWeb Connector+353 53 9484683
Kabbage Data ServicesContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite
LettuceIntuit Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact Developer
LivePlanPalo Alto SoftwareYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite
LogicbrokerLogicbrokerContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite
Map Business OnlineSpatialTEQ, Inc.YesNoNoWebsite214 905 0401
MavenlinkMavenlinkYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite949 336 7610
Membership Management SystemVieth ConsultingYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite517 930 3611
MyCaseMyCase, Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite800 571 8062
NexTraqNexTraqContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite800 358 6178
Performance Reviews by JuvodHRJuvodHRContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite312 361 3330
PileraContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite603 943 5375
Pinnacle CartPinnacle Cart, IncContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite800 506 0398
PowerlyticsAsigoContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite215 375 7675 ext. 11
ProOnGo ExpenseThe Neat CompanyYesNoNoWebsite
Rebill/Recurring PaymentsIntuit Inc.YesYesSDK Solution
RepairShoprRepairShoprYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite425 216 3333
RerunNoYesSDK SolutionWebsite877 919 2890
Revel SystemsNoYesSDK SolutionWebsite
Rocket MatterContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite888 432 1LAW
Service TaskYodle, Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite888 536 8275
ServiceTitanServiceTitanContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite855 899 0970
ServiceTradeServiceTradeYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite919 246 9901
ShoeboxedShoeboxed.comYesNoNoWebsite888 369 4269
ShogoMiaSystems LLCYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite866 377 3039
Silver SyncCommerce SyncYesYesSDK Solution
Square QuickBooks IntegrationCommerce SyncYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite855 628 4097
Sync for QuickBooksCommerce SyncYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite888 323 4289
Sync with American Express OPENYesNoNo
SyncBooksSynergration, Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite
T-HUB OnlineYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite973 200 8383
Time Tracker by eBillityeBillityYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite800 851 0992
TowbookExtric LLCContact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite810 320 5063
TriNet ExpenseTriNet Group, Inc.Contact DeveloperContact DeveloperContact DeveloperWebsite866 367 3105
QuickBooks Time TrackerQuickBooks TimeYesYesSDK SolutionWebsite888 836 2720
VARCommerceVARCommerceYesYesWeb ConnectorWebsite866 884 4684
WorkforceIntuit Inc.NoYes

What will happen to my recurring credit card payments after Sync Manager is discontinued?

For more information on recurring payments using a current supported version of QuickBooks after Sync Manager is discontinued, please refer to Sync Manager Discontinuation for Recurring Payments Merchants on current versions of QuickBooks.

Will my Online Banking Work?

Yes. Online Banking uses a different type of connection and downloads your transactions directly into QuickBooks.

How will this impact my Intuit Online Payroll or Intuit Full Service Payroll?

Effective May 1, 2016, QuickBooks for Windows sync manager will no longer be available for Intuit Online Payroll or Intuit Full Service Payroll. In addition, clients with these payroll services will not be able to track jobs, classes, or service items when they run payroll or export to QuickBooks. Click here for more information.

Will Intuit Sync Manager be replaced by another application?

No. There are no plans to replace Intuit Sync Manager. However, most developers have another solution for syncing your QuickBooks data.

How will this impact my QuickBooks subscription and product updates?

There is no impact.

Will this affect my hosting services?

No. You will still connect to the hosting services the same as previously. Sync Manager will no longer be available.

How do I know if I’m using Intuit Sync Manager?

In your system tray, you will see two green arrows. If you are in a server environment, the icon may be on the server.

For more information on QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier and Enterprise, see contact support.

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