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Track and manage QuickBooks Time in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn how to track and manage your team members' timesheets in QuickBooks Online Essentials, QuickBooks Online Plus, QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks Online for Accountants, QuickBooks Payroll Premium, and QuickBooks Payroll Elite. 

If you want your team to track their own time, they can track their time in QuickBooks Workforce.

With QuickBooks Time, you’ll have more time tracking capabilities in QuickBooks Online.

View time

  1. Go to Time (Take me there), then select Time entries
  2. In Display by, choose one of the options:
    • Date: all individual timesheets with details.
    • Customer: all time by customer.
    • All workers: all worker time ready for approval.
    • Employee: all employee time ready for approval.
    • Contractor: all contractor time ready for approval.
  3. In Date range, select the date range you want to view timesheets for.
  4. You can search by team member to filter for an individual’s timesheets.
  5. Select Show columns PCG-Gear-Icon-EXT-081423.png to customize how to view the hours and what columns you see on the timesheets. Here are some you can select:
    • Details: lets you view GPS points and any attachments included on the timesheet. 
    • Flag: if a team member doesn’t clock in within the designated geofence
    • Status: see whether a timesheet has been approved or not.

Add time

  1. Go to Time (Take me there) and select Time entries
  2. Select Add time.
    1. Select Single time entry to enter a timesheet for one of your team members.
    2. Select Weekly time entry to enter or edit bulk timesheets for a full week. 
    3. Select Break to enter a break for one of your team members.
    4. Select Time clock if you need to clock in for yourself.

Edit time

  1. Go to Time (Take me there) and select Time entries
  2. In Display by, select Date.
  3. Select the Date range you need to edit time for. 
  4. Enter your team member’s name if you need to edit time for a specific team member. 
  5. Select Edit next to the timesheet. 
  6. Make your edits and select Save.

Note: To delete time, select Expand Menu , then select Delete. Select Yes to confirm. You can also view timesheet history, if needed. 

Approve timesheets

  1. Go to Time (Take me there), then select Time entries
  2. If Display by is set to Date, select Approvals. Or, set Display by to All workers to approve time.  
  3. Select the date range, then in the Status dropdown, select Unapproved.
  4. To review timesheets, select the team member’s name you want to review.
  5. Make sure all the info is correct, then select Approve time, and select Approve and lock time.

Note: Time can't be edited once it’s approved. You can unapprove time if you need to make changes.

Launch QuickBooks Time

  1. Go to Time (Take me there), or go to Time entries
  2. Select Go to classic QuickBooks Time to launch your QuickBooks Time account.
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